Essential Elements of a Vintage Wedding

Vintage bride and groom

Even if you don’t regularly wear clothes from decades past or dream in black and white, a vintage style wedding can be for you. Or maybe you have always dreamed of playing Elizabeth Taylor and envisioned your wedding in the 1940’s since you were little. A vintage wedding has the ability to be beautiful in each and every way and is becoming increasingly popular now, in a time where vintage is making a resurgence.

With this theme, the key is in the details. Pick a period and thread that aesthetic through each and every part of your wedding, as much or as little as you want. Then, enjoy your big day living the dream.

Details, Details, Details!

You love talking to your grandma about her wedding, so find out what she did that you could replicate. Does she still have her dress? Use it! Simply re-wear it or ask to cut pieces off to add to your own gown. Not only is this a detail that can be stunning, but it will create a special moment between you and your family.

Vintage bride dress

Make sure your bridal party or mother of the groom gifts reflect this vintage expression, too. Gift pearls in vintage jewelry boxes you find in a local second-hand shop or make your own candles with stylish older tea cups and saucers.

You might also request a dress code for your wedding to complete the theme, but note that not everyone will be willing or able to go along with it.

Table Settings

Vintage decor

Regular items like ornate vases and birdcages can be made into a masterpiece with the right amount of DIY. Pick out your favorite paints for a splash of color, and then rough up the look after it dries with a sponge or scratchy material to create that worn feel.

Books, teacups and anything else that catches your eye in an antique store can make for beautiful centerpieces as well. Stack things together in a call back to an older lifestyle, and watch your table setting come to life. And nothing says vintage like lace and silk, so find a lace runner and/or silk tablecloths that you can use to cover the surfaces.

Color Schemes

Off-white is a typical color one thinks of when it comes to vintage because in the past, it was hard to create fabrics with the bleached white we know today. Pair this with similar muted tones like a dusty rose pink or tan to create a classic, relaxing ambiance that is sure to make guests feel like a 1920’s movie star.

Love the idea of the iconic blue and white china pattern, but don’t know where to place it? The latest trend that is becoming popular among brides is the blue and white china pattern for bridesmaid’s dresses while the bride wears all white. This beautiful touch is sure to be remembered, and this pattern is flattering on many shapes and sizes.

Flower Arrangements

Rose bouquets

Fresh flowers, right? Not always when you’re going to and older feel. Wilted or dried flowers can be even more beautiful than fresh ones and add to the vintage flair of your wedding day. This also ensures a stress-free bride since you won’t have to worry about keeping expensive bouquets and arrangements fresh throughout the day.

If you do want fresh flowers, it is still easily to pair them with your theme. Choose more common, traditional varieties and work with your florist on creating an arrangement that stays away from current trends. Research vintage photos for examples! They’re not hard to find; if you wanted to photograph anything in the 1920s, it was a wedding.

You can also accent your arrangements with pearls and lace by incorporating pearl centers and lace petals. Or, wrap your bridal bouquets in lace and pearls to your liking, to create an effortlessly beautiful look.

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