Etsy Shops Every Bride Should Know About

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Have you heard of Etsy? It’s only one of the best ways to shop online, especially for brides-to-be (and grooms-to-be). On Etsy, people create their own shops where they sell certain goods or homemade crafts, and a lot of those are wedding related. (I have to admit that when my sister got engaged I went a little Etsy crazy. Basically, I have her bachelorette party and wedding shower… and maybe even a little bit of her wedding… planned out.) That’s the beauty of Etsy though. There are so many unique products from awesome independent shops.

Anyway, now that you know about my ongoing Etsy love affair, I thought I’d share with you some of the different and helpful shops you can take advantage of on Etsy during your wedding planning.

ButtercupBlossom and ModParty

Let’s start with two great sellers for general party goods, which are always needed for wedding decor and favors. ButtercupBlossom has lots of beautiful plates, cups, and balloons. ModParty is great too because it has all this and sections with party favors and gifts for your bridesmaids. You should definitely look through these two shops when you get a minute, as they have tons of different decorative options. Even if you’re not loving something for your wedding, it might be perfect for one of the pre-wedding events.


Speaking of decorative options, WeddingRusticDeco has awesome table numbers. They also have wedding guest books that are beautiful and customizable to boot. Last, but not least, they have really cool rustic cake toppers. If you’re looking to nail the perfect rustic autumn wedding vibe, this is the shop for you.


Speaking of cakes and sweet things; SparklingSweetsShop has everything for your sweet tooth needs. This is one to check out if you’re going to have a dessert bar or want some treats for your wedding shower. They have beautiful cake pops, but that’s only scratching the surface. They accept custom orders too, so you can tailor these treats to your specific theme!


I wanted to include this shop because they have paper goods. Not just any kind of paper goods: rustic-looking paper goods. They have lots of different designs though, so even if you’re not the rustic type, you still might be able to find something you like.

WillowGardens, SuesEverlastings, and SERENITY

Let’s talk silk flowers. These shops have ’em, but they’re all slightly different. WillowGardens has bouquets and boutonnieres made from silk and sola flowers, but they also sell adorable succulent favors. SuesEverlastings does dried flowers for a fantastic confetti. SERENITY features beautiful flower crowns of all colors and the fanciest of bouquets.

BLUSHFASHION and FashionStreets

You can find all kinds of clothes on Etsy, and that includes bridesmaid’s dresses. These two dress shops are great for different reasons. BLUSHFASHION has unique and gorgeous designs. FashionStreets has simpler designs, but tons of variations. These shops might be good to search through to get an idea of what shapes you like for your own bridesmaids dresses. They are both a bit pricey but still fun to look through if they’re out of your budget!

LVRandCo and LoveandLion

These shops are all about the bachelorette party. LVRandCo has awesome t-shirts and tanks for you and your crew with funny sayings like “I’m getting married… so we’re getting drunk.” LoveandLion has temporary tattoos for all your partying ladies that are cute and funny. You might be thinking, “temporary tattoos?!” I’m telling you, I got temporary tattoos for my cousin’s bachelorette party, and they were a hit. Everyone had so much fun putting them on.

WhiteConfettiBox and InklingsPaperie

Your bridesmaids are important right? Well, the first thing you have to do is ask them to be in your wedding. These shops will help you do just that. WhiteConfettiBox is an amazing shop with really impressive boxes that will ensure a “yes.” InklingsPaperie offers a different, but equally cool, approach to popping the bridesmaid question. They have scratch off tickets that are to die for. Definitely something to consider!

Even if you don’t end up liking any of the products or shops enough to buy items for your wedding, looking through can be a lot of fun and inspirational! Etsy is a great tool to have in your arsenal when wedding planning because it can help you get ideas for your big event. Sometimes when planning something, it can be hard to craft the details of a basic idea. The best way to circumvent this is to get your eyes on lots of different products and ideas. The best part about Etsy is that while you’re looking around, if you find something that’s perfect, you can just buy it and BOOM: one less thing on your list.

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