Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Drone for Your Wedding

An aerial shot of a bride and groom walking in a grassy field with mountains in the background.

Are you looking for a unique way to capture your wedding ceremony and reception? It may be worth your time to investigate the use of drones. Many photography companies are using drones to take amazing aerial photos and footage at weddings, which may be exactly what you’re looking for!

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can be maneuvered by a trained pilot. They vary in size, but are often relatively small and easy to transport. This makes them ideal for use at wedding ceremonies and receptions. Drones are also extremely versatile and, when appropriately piloted, can catch a number of special moments that traditional photography often misses. They are best suited for larger events, as they can shoot from angles that truly capture the venue’s magnificence. Here are some things to consider if having a drone film your wedding appeals to you.

Shop Around for Competitive Pricing

Hiring a drone for your wedding does come with a significant price tag. Rates will vary depending on a number of factors, including geographic region, equipment type, local competition, travel requirements, and the photographer’s reputation. Some will charge a flat fee or provide drone photography or videography as an add-on to their regular wedding packages. Others may charge a flat rate for the first hour and offer a discounted rate for each subsequent hour of service. To ensure you get the best possible price for your wedding, spend some time researching the companies in your area. Keep in mind that not all photographers and videographers have drones. Always inquire before committing.

Get Permission from the Wedding Venue

You will need to get permission to incorporate drone photography and/or videography into your wedding day. While most outdoor and some indoor venues are perfectly fine with drones, some do not allow their use. You should also schedule drone services well in advance so that your operator has time to discuss the process and expectations with the venue owner.

Make Safety a Priority for You and Your Guests

Someone reaching toward a drone in the sky with clouds in the background.

When it comes to drone photography at weddings, safety is extremely important. Drones are complete safe when piloted by a trained professional, but accidents are possible. You should never attempt to rig up your own personal drone to use on your wedding day. If improperly used, these units can come crashing out of the sky and could harm you or a loved one. Choosing to hire a professional drone photographer or videographer isn’t enough. You should also check the operator’s credentials. Most will have some form of permit, as well as personal property and liability insurance for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles. Never agree to services if the individual or company lacks proper insurance to cover accidents. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Know the Drone’s Outdoor and Indoor Limitations

An aerial shot of a small wedding reception with a table surrounded by guests.

Drones are most effective for outdoor weddings with wide open spaces. They are particularly effective at venues with significant acreage and stunning views. Venues with numerous large trees, telephone poles, and overhead wiring should be avoided. Weddings with tents are also difficult to orchestrate with a drone. That said, drones can be flown anywhere, so it’s still possible to utilize them during indoor weddings. It’s just a lot more difficult and both you and the operator should proceed with caution. Indoor facilities should have high ceilings and few hanging decorations that could be accidentally damaged.

Let the Photographer Know What Kind of Shots You’re Expecting

A drone filming a bride and groom kissing at their wedding.

It’s also important that you understand what kind of shots your drone pilot will be able to capture. Most photographers will have a range of camera and video options to fit any budget. Based on your specific needs, they can switch out the drone attachments. Keep in mind that drones are not intended to be used for close-up shots. This is why many professionals offer both traditional photography and drone photography options. After all, drones can be very loud, a quality that makes them a bad choice for use during wedding vows and speeches.

Additionally, some aerial shots will require extra time to set up. You will need to plan for this ahead of time. Speak with your photographer about the shots you want and discuss the required timeframe early in the process. This way you can work the photographs into your schedule better. Ultimately, when it comes to drone wedding photography, you imagination is the only limitation. You’ll be able to capture amazing aerial footage of all kinds, including a stunning sunset behind your guests or the entire venue.

Know that Drones Can Only Be Used in Mild Weather

Drone photography and videographer is also heavily dependent upon weather conditions. Unfortunately, drones should never be flown during inclement weather. Moderate to high winds can also be extremely problematic. As a result, your photographer may be required to ground the drone during your wedding or even before it starts if the weather isn’t cooperating. The best days for drone photography are calm, clear, and wind-free. Make sure you fully understand your photographer’s regulations and refund policy regarding uncooperative weather conditions.

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