Famous Movie Winter Wonderland Scenes to Inspire Your Winter Wedding

A bride wearing a blue dress and walking in the snow with her groom.

When planning your winter wedding, you’re likely dreaming of walking in a winter wonderland that day. As you tie the knot, you’ll want your event to be as picturesque and fairy tale-like as possible. In order to make that wish come true, you can draw from famous winter wonderland scenes and landscapes in popular movies to inspire your own wedding day decor and ambience.

The Holiday

A table set up outside in the snow for a wedding, decorate with garland.

The Holiday depicts the story of two women, seemingly miserable in their lives as they were, switch homes to facilitate a vacation for each of them. One of the main characters, played by Cameron Diaz, takes her vacation in a charming cottage in England. Blanketed by snow with a roaring fire inside, this winter wonderland scene—which later plays home to her falling in love unexpectedly (talk about romantic!) is one worth envying. It’s also a scene worth eyeing to use in planning your wedding. Study the quaint nature and charm of this home and the scenes surrounding it to help plan your perfect winter wedding that’s intimate, cozy, and rustic.


Although it’s an animated movie, no one can deny that the movie Frozen presents the perfect winter wonderland scene that would inspire anyone planning a winter wedding. From whimsical decor to icy blues and pastel shades, it’s easy to draw inspiration from this very popular film. Some brides have even found inspiration in Elsa’s shimmery blue dress, which goes perfectly with the theme and surely would stand out as a unique wedding gown or even reception dress.

The Grinch

A bride and groom outside in the snow with red and blue smoke bombs.

The live action The Grinch movie starring Jim Carrey is one that surely features a gorgeous and unique winter wonderland. The fictional land of Whoville certainly inspires viewers to tap into their more whimsical, and certainly more festive, side. This can easily be applied to a wedding! Consider using an abundance of string or holiday lights to create a gorgeous atmosphere at your wedding. Also use shiny baubles as decor in bright and bold colors that complement each other in order to really tap into The Grinch aesthetic.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Although this movie isn’t very romantic, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York certainly has some inspirational wonderland-esque scenes worth thinking of when planning your winter wedding. For instance, take the grand scene with the tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City. This is certainly a sight to behold, with bright lights and the sprawling presence of the tree itself. These classic scenes of New York at Christmas can inspire you to create your own festive winter wonderland even if you’re not having a city wedding, as you can definitely add touches grand and small to create the aesthetic you’re going for.

Beauty and the Beast

A bride wearing a green velvet top and holding a large bouquet.

The recent live action Beauty and the Beast movie presents a winter wonderland scene worth not only adoring, but emulating for your wedding. The aesthetic of this scene was surely elegant, with rich, dark colors and lush greenery complementing the pure white of the snow that draped the ground, landscape, and trees. Consider using this color palette at your event to capitalize on the sheer beauty of this classic tale.

Ice Age

This last inspiring movie is another animated flick, which you may not immediately think of when considering what scenes you can draw inspiration from in planning your wedding. However, this movie certainly presents a winter wonderland worth considering. Plus, all of the woodland animals that star in the movie can serve as that coveted inspiration. Consider incorporating a wealth of nature into your ceremony and wedding reception. This can be in the form of plants, flowers, and greenery. Also incorporate animal figurines in order to further demonstrate your love of all things earthly. Foxes, squirrels, bears, raccoons, and deer are all regal animals associated with winter that can be easily featured for your seasonal wedding in an elegant yet impactful way.

No matter where you draw your wedding inspiration from, using winter wonderlands in media to aid in bringing your vision to life is an effective idea—as well as a fun one!

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