Five Food and Drink Trends for 2019 Weddings

A pink wall of sprinkle donuts.

Are you trying to finalize food and drink plans for your upcoming wedding? These are two major factors that deserve a lot of time and consideration. With so many options for both elements, however, it can be difficult to know where you should start. Fortunately, there are very few wrong answers when it comes to choosing food and drink for your wedding. That said, there are several wedding food and drink trends for 2019 you may want to keep in mind as you finalize your plans.

1. Small Cocktail Servings

Are you planning a cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception? While picking food for dinner is important, don’t forget about feeding your guests as they mingle. Again, the selection is completely up to you, but there is an interesting trend you may want to keep in mind: many couples are opting for miniature servings during their cocktail hours.

From sliders to tomato soup in a shot glass, the options are endless! Most catering companies will be happy to create smaller servings of traditional wedding favorites. Many caterers will provide samples, even if it’s a new dish they’re making specifically for your event. This concept can also be transferred to dessert. Instead of ordering a large cake that must be cut, some couples opt for cupcakes or cake pops that can be served more easily.

2. Edible Favors

Organic honey in small bottles as a trendy wedding favor for 2019.

Have you already purchased favors for your wedding? If not, it may be worth considering giving your guests something edible! Edible favors are becoming more and more popular, especially with couples who opt for a rustic flair. Homemade jams and jars of honey make wonderful wedding favors and can be easily personalized with a custom label. They also look adorable at each place setting.

Another popular option is a candy bar. If you and your significant other enjoy sweets, a self-serve candy bar may be a fitting addition to your big day. Guests can create a customized bag filled with their favorite candy before leaving. This type of bar also provides a good source of snacking material throughout the evening.

3. Non-Traditional Dessert

Speaking of dessert, check out the “anything-but-cake” trend. You read that right: cake is no longer an essential component of a wedding reception. In fact, feel free to choose almost any dessert you would like to serve on your big day. Some of the most popular options include donuts, pie, cup cakes, or even cookies.

Another fun alternative is a dessert table. This option offers something for everyone and is perfect if you and your spouse-to-be have drastically different sweet preferences. There are no limits to what can be served, so make sure you have a good variety. This is a particularly good idea for couples or people with food allergies and diet restrictions. You can easily provide a few nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free desserts that cater to everyone!

4. Organic or Locally-Sourced Food

A selection of organic and locally-grown food at a wedding reception in 2019.

If you like the idea of using honey or jam as a wedding favor, you may also enjoy the prospect of serving locally and/or organically grown and ethically sourced foods at your wedding. While sustainability is not a trend, it is becoming much more common for couples to request these kinds of ingredients. People care about where their food comes from and, while it may cost a little more per plate, serving a farm-to-table meal at your wedding is both delicious and sustainable. You may also want to consider ordering alcohol from a local winery and/or brewery. This is not only unique, but it will help support local businesses in your area.

5. Sentimental Favorites

One of the biggest wedding food and drink trends right now is incorporating sentimental favorites. Every couple has at least one food or drink they feel brought them close together. Whether it’s the restaurant where you had your first date or a late-night snack you bonded over, why not share it with your family and friends? If your favorite “couple food” or drink is served locally, find out if you can have it catered for your event. When this is not an option, talk to your caterer to see if they can recreate it.

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