Fooled by Pinterest: How to Avoid Getting in Over Your Head

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Have you seen a slideshow of Pinterest fails? If you haven’t, Google it. Besides being hilarious, they are also extremely common! We all see something awesome and think “Hm, I can definitely make that myself,” only to end up in a complete sweat with a project fail. That might be fine for a Tuesday evening craft party, but when you’re trying to DIY your wedding, not so much. Don’t be fooled by the hype or elegant, grandiose craft projects. Not everything that glitters on Pinterest is gold! You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, so let’s look at some of the ways to avoid getting in over your head.

Determine Difficulty

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Be honest with yourself. How hard does this DIY look and can you reasonably accomplish the finished look you’re going for? You want to really think about how much effort you’re going to have to put into each idea. You’re already planning a wedding, a huge job in itself; do you really want to overburden yourself with crazy difficult crafts too? That 50 layer wedding cake is beautiful, but you’re likely not a professional baker. It doesn’t matter if Pinterest says it’s DIY, what matters is if it’s DIY for you. So really look at the craft you’re thinking about making. If it looks hard it probably is. Find something similar that’s a bit more accessible instead.

Ask for Help Beforehand

If you have an idea that may seem, ask your friends and family for help before proceeding. You may discover some of them have some hidden skills. For instance, my cousin wanted a large structure strung with lights to cover her dance floor. She has no experience building something like that and although the idea doesn’t seem too hard (you just screw some wood together, right?), she probably wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it on her own. Her dad however, has a ton of experience with wood working. He made it and it looked amazing. Now if she had tried to make it, there would have been cursing and probably a trip to the hospital.

Start with Quality, End with it Too

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If you bake a cake with crappy ingredients, it’s not going to taste very good. The same can be said about almost any DIY or craft. It’s much harder to create something amazing and wedding-worthy when you’re starting off with cheap materials. You will have a much better result if you spend just a little extra for something of better quality. It can be hard, especially if you’re DIYing to stay under budget, but it’s so important though to start out right. Part of the reason many of the crafts on Pinterest turn out so amazing is because their makers know what to use to get the best result.

Also, nice doesn’t always equal expensive. Just take some time to really think about how your materials will make your craft look when you’re done. Don’t waste your time on something you won’t love because you didn’t find better tools to work with in the first place.

Try it Out First

Always do a trial run before attempting the project for the wedding. That way you can see how easy the craft really is to make and how much time it takes. You can also determine at this point whether you actually like the craft or dish. Let’s say you make a dessert recipe for your sweets table. You follow the recipe to the letter, but it tastes gross and you don’t know why. If you do a trial run, then you will know this pin goes on the “no” pile.

Find What Works For You

You don’t have to follow the original recipe or instructions to the letter for success. If you’re halfway through a craft and their methods are just not working for you at all, try something else. If it’s a recipe, maybe ask one of your foodie friends for their interpretation. It doesn’t matter if the original is picture perfect, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow one way to get that result. Don’t get too frustrated if your DIY isn’t turning out exactly the same either. Try a different way or scrap this pesky project for a different one.

Time Is Your Worst Enemy

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Try not to wait until the last minute to finish your crafts. If there was ever a time to get real with yourself, this is it. No project is going to turn out well-crafted in a rushed panic. If you start to think, “well I could probably make that the day of,” tell yourself no. You can make things last minute, but don’t overdo it. Only plan to make things within the last week if it’s necessary, like if you have crafts with fresh flowers. Make a plan to get help with these or maybe make it so that you don’t even have to touch the crafts. Allow yourself to enjoy your day without going crazy last second trying to fold your fancy DIY place cards or decorate your cake. The surest way to get in trouble with lofty ideas is by overextending yourself near your big day and completely stressing out.

Most of us have fallen prey to the Pinterest fail before. You put so much effort in, but what comes out the other end? It can be extremely frustrating when your crafts don’t turn out the way you think they will. But if you follow the tips here, you might just be able to avoid the famous Pinterest fails top 100 list. We will conquer this picturesque crafts and achieve DIY perfection, just in our own way!

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