Giving Back: How to Do Charitable Wedding Favors Right

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With brides and grooms having many causes that are near and dear to their hearts, it is becoming more common nowadays to involve charitable organizations in modern weddings! But what is the right way for you and your sweetheart to help your favorite organization—and hopefully get your guests involved too? Many couples are using their wedding favors as a way to help the world and introduce their guests to causes they care about! Here are some ways to do just that.

Opt Out of Favors

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Some couples opt out of favors altogether and spend the money that would’ve been allocating to guest gifts on a charitable organization of their choice. If you choose to go forward with this option, it’s recommended to include ample signage on the tables or somewhere centrally located so that your guests know about your awesome donation! If you can, it’s great to include a little blurb of information about the charity as well as why it’s a cause that means a lot to you and your partner. This will help personalize the donation and also may spur your guests to donate themselves as well! Although a few more traditional guests may not love the idea of you skipping the favors, most will understand and love that you’re using your event to support a cause you love!

Small Favor with Donation Card

If you’re not comfortable completely ditching the favors, another option would be to opt for a more modest favor with an attached card or paper with information about your chosen charity and the donation you’ve made. This option is the best of both worlds—your guests will still leave with a small token of your appreciation, but you’re also able to spread the word and donate money to a cause you love. This might be especially effective if you know that you have many more traditional guests who might be put off by the idea of no favor, as it still provides the personal touch of a small gift, but also highlights the charitable aspect of your approach. Now, of course, it’s your wedding and you should do what you feel is best! But if you wanna minimize potential guest conflict, this is just a nice middle-ground option!

Physical Favors from Charitable or Fair Trade Organizations

Some charitable organizations actually create physical objects you can purchase that will in turn help them. For example, when you buy brownies from Dog Tag Bakery, you’ll not only get some delicious chocolate treats, but you’re also supporting an organization whose goal is “to build a bridge to business employment and a productive civilian life for returning veterans with disabilities and caregivers that have served our country so well.”

Purchasing items from companies that provided ethically sourced, Fair Trade gift items like One World Fair Trade is a great option if you don’t want to nix the idea of giving your guests a gift, but you want to be sure that you’re supporting organizations that give back to the product makers. You could even go with a company like Equal Exchange to provide Fair Trade coffee as a cute, inexpensive but ethical favor item.

Charity Gift Card

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These days, there are gift cards for everything, and charitable giving is no exception! Since you or your guests may not be comfortable with you making a donation in their name without permission, a unique, fun option could be to provide everyone with their own gift card, pre-loaded with a set amount of money for them to donate to the charity of their choice! This is a fun way to really allow your guests to be actively involved in the giving process and to provide a totally personalized favor for them, while still funneling your hard-earned money towards worthy causes rather than trinkets you or your guests may not love! Some charity gift card companies will even let you upload a photo of your choice onto the cards themselves—how cool would it be to have a photo of you and your sweetheart on the gift cards? Such a fun idea and a way to help your guests feel more comfortable with the idea of a charitable favor.

The great thing about donating money in lieu of giving traditional wedding favors is, in truth, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong! You are choosing to use your big day as a way to help others, and that’s an awesome thing no matter how you end up applying it! Whether you choose to make a larger, one-time to donation to an organization of your choice, choose fair-trade gift items as physical favors, or even provide your guests with ways to choose what charity they’d most like to support, you are making a difference and that is a thing worth celebrating!

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