Giving the Best Wedding Party Gifts

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Your wedding party should be full of some of your favorite people on earth—the people who you know will love and support you and your marriage through good times and bad. And people this ride or die deserve an amazing gift for being a part of it all, right? But where do you even begin when you’re searching for the right present for each of the wonderful people involved in your wedding? Here are some ideas for ways to give the perfect gift to your wedding party members.


Did your wedding have an amazing theme? Or does your bridal party have a common link like school, work, or some other shared element? If so, then a themed gift might be the perfect option! An adorable item from your alma mater if you all graduated from the same school, a colorful makeup bag filled with products if everyone’s a makeup junkie, or a gorgeous floral-themed basket of goodies if you had a “Garden Party” themed wedding are all great options that revolve around a common aspect.


Personalized wedding favors

Rather than getting everyone in your party the same item, another option would be to personalize your gifts to each individual. This might be as simple as getting each bridesmaid or groomsmen the same item, but in each person’s favorite color, or adding a monogram to a group gift item. You could also include something even more personal, like a photograph of you both together for an extra special touch.

Or, if you’d prefer, you could even get each person their very own gift, different from the others. This one might be a little trickier to pull off in a way where everyone feels loved and treated equally, but if you can make it happen, this is an awesome option! If you know one of your ladies loves makeup but another one is more into books than blush, why not give each bridesmaid a gift suited to her? This does not have to be expensive, but it can be a great way to make sure the gift you give is something that your friends will truly use and love!


Although there are many adorable and awesome items that may be considered more traditional wedding party gifts (robes, t-shirts, makeup bags, flasks, etc.) why not search somewhere less expected like Etsy or other small businesses to find something that would be truly unique for your wedding party? Lots of small or local places will have items your friends may not think about getting for a gift, which can be extra special! Not only that, but many Etsy sellers will completely personalize items to suit your exact specifications for each member of your wedding party. Even a simple gift idea, like a mug or something similar, can be made into something extremely unique—there are Etsy sellers who will create a personalized drawing or rendering of your friends and put it on a mug or card! Imagine your friends’ surprise when they open up their gift and see a drawing of the two of you on their item! The ability to work directly with the creator of your items to really make them suit your friends specifically can be the difference between a generic present and an unforgettable, treasured gift.

Include Words!

Letter to friend

Regardless of what gift item you choose to present to your wedding party, arguably the most important thing is that your gift express your gratitude and love for the people involved in helping make your big day amazing! Don’t forget that it feels really good to hear that you are loved and appreciated and your bridal party is no exception. Include a personalized, hand-written card, with a photo if possible, that expresses your love and gratitude for what each party member did to help make your day so wonderful! This may sound like the most simple step, but it really makes a big difference and it’s so, so important to express to your wedding party how grateful you are to have them stand by your side on this incredibly important day! It doesn’t matter if you use fancy stationery or a plain sheet of notebook paper—your words of thanks will appreciated.

Hopefully this list will help give you a place to start in your search to find the perfect presents for your favorite people. Depending on your wedding party and members, it might make more sense to go for a themed, personalized, or completely unique gift. But, if you remember that the most important thing is expressing your gratitude for their help and presence on your big day, you simply can’t go wrong no matter what items you choose!

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