Giving the Gift of Alcohol: 6 Boozy Wedding Favor Ideas

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When you’re looking for an idea for a wedding favor that isn’t boring (we’re looking at you Jordan almonds and wedding mints), consider the gift of alcohol! It’s pretty much the one thing you can guarantee that everyone will like (and use), and it comes in its own packaging, giving you infinitely less work.

Here are a few spirited ideas for alcohol-related wedding favors.

Create a DIY Cocktail Kit

Give your guests a proper nightcap in their hotel room by creating DIY cocktail kits as a wedding favor. Whether you fancy an Old Fashioned or a French 75, give your guests all the ingredients to create your favorite drink all in one adorable package. For example, if you were packaging up a French 75, you’d need a mini bottle of champagne, a mini bottle of gin, a couple of dashes of simple syrup, and a lemon. Shop at a thrift store or antique store to find glass or plastic containers to fill with the dashes of simple syrup. Then, package everything together in a small box or bag and arrange on a table for all your 21+ guests.

Make Your Own Simple Syrup

Although it’s not technically alcohol, a really easy and pretty gift to give your guests would be small containers of homemade simple syrup for them to enjoy in their favorite homemade cocktails. Although simple syrup can seem pretty fancy with infused rosemary, oranges, lemons, or vanilla, all simple syrup is really comprised of is sugar and water. Calculate about how many guests you’ll have (and maybe make about 10-20 extra just in case) and buy all the containers you’ll need.

Try to buy a bunch of similarly sized containers for your simple syrup so you know exactly how much to make. For example, if you bought some 4 oz canning jars, you would need about half a cup of simple syrup for each guest.

To make the simple syrup, pour equal parts sugar and water in a pan and heat the ingredients until the sugar is dissolved. Once the liquid is completely clear, you’ll need to remove the pan from the heat. If you are planning on adding any infusions to your simple syrup like rosemary or mint, add them as soon as you remove the pan from the heat. Remove the sprigs of mint or fruit that you added for flavor as soon as the syrup has cooled down. Be sure to store your simple syrup in the refrigerator until you are ready to hand them out to your guests on the big day. Add some twine or ribbon, a cute note about what your concoction is, and place them out on the tables!

Give Them Alcohol Accessories

In addition to the popular wedding Koozies with the couple’s name and a wedding date, you can also give your guests personalized wine bottle openers, bottle openers, or shot glasses so they can commemorate your special every time they are in the mood for an adult beverage. Thanks to websites like Etsy and Oriental Trading it’s easy and quick to order personalized wedding favors for your wedding day (plus you won’t have to lift a finger, which is a huge bonus).

Bring Home Some Bubbly

Champagne bottles

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The simplest and prettiest favor to give your guests who are older than 21 is just a miniature bottle of champagne with a personalized message of thank you attached to the neck of the bottle. Add something simple like “Cheers!” or “Pop! Clink! Fizz!” so that guests can keep the party going long after the DJ plays the last song and the kegs have been long been floated.

Skip the Gifts, Give a Shot

Instead of giving all your guests alcohol favors to take home (which is impossible for out-of-town guests to take on a plane), give your guests a shot right when they walk into the ceremony. Buy miniature bottles of your favorite spirit (tequila, whiskey, vodka, etc.) and write something on the tag like “Give love a shot!” or “We tied the knot! Take a shot!” Your guests will be able to enjoy your gifts immediately, and bonus—the line at the bar probably won’t be as long at first.

Create a Hangover Kit

Hangover kit favors

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Weddings are the perfect opportunity to dance, eat too much cake, and partake in a few cocktails. But when the champagne is flowing at your wedding, you’ll want to give your guests a little relief for the next day. Pack up a little hangover kit for a wedding favor, which could include things like ibuprofen, a bottle of water or some ginger ale, Gatorade, a protein bar, mints, an eye mask, and maybe a can of beer or ingredients for a Bloody Mary when they’ll need a little hair of the dog. Package everything up in a small box or a gift bag that they can easily cart to their hotel room and use before their flight leaves the next day.

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