Groom Cake Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

All eyes are usually on the bride’s wedding cake, but the groom’s cake can be just as special. It’s usually the smaller cake without all the bells and whistles, but it can be just as tasty and even more decorative. We’ve got a few fun ideas for the perfect groom’s wedding cake.

Career or Hobby Cake

I’ve seen it all. From a giant tractor to a round hard hat, almost any occupation can be turned into cake. It’s fun and artistic to create this type of cake. A shiny shield for a police officer, a big red apple for a teacher, or an oil rig for a oil field worker, a cake designer can put their talents on blast when creating a career cake. Your hubby’s favorite hobby like fishing or hunting makes a great cake too. It might as well be their occupation with how much time they usually spend “playing!” My husband loves to golf so a big cake complete with golf clubs against an argyle pattern would make his cake dreams come true.

A cake with a soccer game theme

Sports Cake

If your life has to shut down when there’s a televised sporting event, your husband might be a crazed fan who would dream of a sports groom’s cake. A cake that reflects your hubby’s love of sports is always fun. You can choose from hundreds of different styles with the groom’s favorite team plastered across the top. Whether it’s their favorite professional or college team, you can go with a simple logo or even build an entire stadium made with frosting. The cake can even be shaped like their favorite sports ball sitting in a field of grass or placed on a court of frosting. The options are endless when it comes to sports cakes.

The Car Cake

Not just a car, “the” car cake could be the perfect addition to your wedding. Most grooms love cars. They have a certain type in mind that they dream they can get behind the wheel of one day. It’s usually just a dream, but a Maserati car cake or a 1969 Shelby Mustang cake could make the groom more excited than the actual wedding itself. It’s amazing what bakers can do to turn a simple cake into a dream car. Many times they have the doors or the hood open with a fun interior. They could even fill the inside with candy for an exciting surprise.

Not Even A Cake

There is no written rule that you need an actual groom’s cake. Anything goes when it comes to desserts. You can do your husband’s favorite pies, a wall of donuts, or even mini bundt cakes. If he loves old fashioned banana pudding, serve it in individual jars to the guests as an homage to his favorite snack. My husband is one of those strange people that don’t love a good piece of cake or even a nice slice of pie. He would be happy with a huge heap of Skittles or Starburst. His perfect dessert would actually be a candy buffet full of all sorts of sugary goodness that guests could stuff in a goodie bag themselves.

A slice of moist chocolate cake

The Everyday Cake

We knew we wanted my wedding cake to be the huge tier of white cake filled with cascading roses. It was going to be the center of attention. We also knew my husband’s mother made a mean cake that had everyone flocking to her kitchen for a bite of the moist goodness. We decided to compromise. Instead of going for a traditional groom’s cake of chocolate with whatever fruit topping, we went rogue. We had his mother bake three small cakes in different flavors. The frosting was vanilla without a crazy decoration. They looked normal, but they tasted out-of-this-world. After I indulged in my perfect wedding cake I went to get a slice of the groom’s cake that looked like your everyday birthday cake. To my surprise, it was gone! People ate it up just as quickly as they took down slices of my princess of a wedding cake. It may seem out of the ordinary, but a homemade cake or cakes in different flavors is a perfect complement to sit next to the bride’s cake to provide a different look and taste for guests.

State Pride Cake

Where I’m from, we go big. That means I’m from Texas and anyone from Texas loves to boast about their state. I’ve seen State of Texas cakes as well as cakes decorated with state icons like the armadillo, cowboy boots, and even the Alamo. Take any state and use its most famous icons to create a fun cake. New Mexico has the neatest Sante Fe accents, New York has Lady Liberty, Florida has sun and sand, while California has surfboards. It sounds stereotypical, but choose what makes you think of your state, and what makes you proud, and run with it.

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