Halloween and Holy Matrimony: How to Throw a Spooky Seasonal Wedding

A spooky setting for a Halloween wedding ceremony, decorated with black chairs and candlelight.

My husband and I met when we were working as monsters in a haunted house, so it should be no surprise that we love Halloween. And the fact is, we’re not alone: every year, countless people celebrate the spooky holiday. And if you and your partner are big-time fans of All Hallows’ Eve festivities, why not make the day extra special by choosing it as your wedding date?

I know, I know; a Halloween wedding can sound…kitschy. But hear me out! Halloween isn’t always about candy and costumes, and with the right décor you can transform your wedding ceremony into the darkly romantic dream your little goth heart always wanted. All it takes is a little ingenuity—and a willingness to really commit to the theme. If you need a little inspiration, here are a few suggestions.

Stick with Rich Colors

A Halloween wedding table setting with a dripping cake and richly colored glasses.

I’ll admit, the traditional Halloween color scheme of orange and black is far from subtle. However, because Halloween is at the end of October (and squarely in the season of autumn), you’ll probably want to embrace the colors of the season—so simply add black to match the theme! A fall color palette with rich, deep earthy tones can convey that spooky vibe in a truly elegant and beautiful way.

Have your bridesmaids wear dresses in a deep burnt orange. Tie a black sash around your waist. Wear a velvety, wine red shade on your lips for a dose of femme fatale. You can even showcase seasonal flowers in your bouquet. These deeper, darker tones will reflect the feeling of the holiday and give your wedding a sense of drama, which is something every Halloween wedding should have!

Be Spooky, but Subtle

A bride and groom holding a pumpkin with rings on it for a Halloween wedding.

As I mentioned before, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about cheap costumes and kids asking for candy. Most Halloween-loving couples are attracted to the holiday’s traditional roots: the witches, the goblins, the ghouls—you get the idea. While a haunted house may not be the most traditional choice for your wedding day, you can incorporate some scary elements into your ceremony.

Instead of walking down the aisle to the traditional wedding march, use a vintage love song played just slow enough to be unsettling. Rent some dry ice machines to fill your venue with eerie fog. Have your ring bearer carry your ring in a coffin-shaped box (after all, you’re together now “till death do you part.”) These little nods to the holiday will give you that Halloween vibe without being too distracting.

Go Full-on Goth Glam

A man and woman standing by an old building illuminated by candlelight and posing for their Halloween wedding.

If I had to think of the most perfect goth wedding out there, it would easily go to celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D. She and her husband Leafar Seyer got married earlier this year, and their ceremony was the stuff goth dreams are made of—that red wedding dress, that antler headpiece holding up her veil, those black chalices for the toasts! If you’re considering a Halloween wedding, this style is right up your alley.

While you may not have the means to pull off a wedding of this level, you can incorporate some gothic elements to make your day a little more glamorous. Send out invitations designed like old-school ouija boards. Decorate your tables with dripping candles and jewel-encrusted skulls. Serve red velvet cake or lava cake for a drippy, bloody effect. Live it up like two goths in love and you’ll have a wedding to remember!

An Old-School Halloween Party

A bride and groom dressed up as skeletons for a Halloween wedding.

Of course, you may have read the start of this article and thought, “Halloween? Kitschy? No way!” For you, there’s nothing better than dressing up, bobbing for apples, and dancing to the “Monster Mash.” Well, if that’s the Halloween you love, why not make it a part of your wedding day? Leaning into Halloween traditions can result in one fun party!

Encourage your guests to dress in costume. Let your flower girl dress as a fairy. Have a bowl of apples for bobbing, pumpkins and skeletons in every corner. This type of party is a far cry from the traditional wedding, but with a fun-loving group of your closest friends, it could be a total blast. And, let’s be honest, your wedding day should be all about having fun!

Don’t Forget the Treats

Candy ghosts surrounded by copper lights for a Halloween wedding.

Whether you choose a subtly spooky ceremony, a dreamy gothic romance, or an old-school holiday party, there is one thing you simply cannot forget: the treats! Make sure you provide your guests with something fun to take home…or you may be subject to a trick before the honeymoon kicks off.

Wedding favors are another time to drive the theme home. Consider giving your guests a little bottle of “love potion” (a sweet perfume), a skull-shaped drink Koozie, or a simple bag of Halloween goodies. Your guests will head home from your party with a great big smile—and a new appreciation for your favorite holiday.

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