Hosting Wedding Celebrations in Multiple Cities

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Weddings are all about celebrating two people uniting as one on a new journey, but they come with the added stress of trying to please everyone. Sometimes, loved ones are scattered across the country and will need to shell out hundreds of dollars to attend the wedding. This means some couples decide to hold multiple weddings and receptions in different locations. We’ll help you decide if this is the perfect option for you.

The Why

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Our good friends in Las Vegas are from Chicago and Los Angeles. They decided to fly together just the two of them to Hawaii for their actual wedding. After this wedding, they held three separate receptions: one in each of their hometowns and one where they will make their home in Las Vegas. It just made sense to have parties where they could invite as many people as they wanted in each location without making people fly across the country to attend one. Some of our other friends decided they wanted to run down to the courthouse to get married and then have two different parties in Dallas and Denver. They needed to get married quickly for insurance purposes, and decided to have a party down the road for guests.

The Cost

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If you decide to have multiple celebrations in different cities, keeping a close eye on your budget is top priority. One wedding and reception often costs a pretty penny, so throwing multiple parties can add up quickly. Vendors and venues don’t come cheap, so it’s important to start your research early and make sure you get the best deal in each location. You also need to include airfare and transportation to each locale in the budget. One good thing about having multiple parties is that you won’t expect as many people at each reception, which could help with the cost. Instead of the 300 people you might want at one venue for one wedding, you might have 50 in each city.

The Stress

If you love planning and organizing, multiple weddings and parties might just be perfect for you. You’re going to be balancing communication with multiple vendors, venues, and guests—not to mention, you must have separate invitations to each event and remember who is invited to each party. You will be dealing with separate stacks of paperwork and contracts from different companies. (Of course, if you’re going with potluck cooking and an iPod as a DJ, the stress level is cut in half.) Wedding stress is crazy as the days count down and you’re trying to tie up loose ends. You will need help if you’re having multiple parties, so enlist your loved ones to do some of the legwork for you. Last-minute issues may arise just like they do in everyday weddings, so be prepared to deal with different companies as they call you with problems. It’s important to be organized and have your contracts available at all times to refer to business agreements.

The Dates

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Choosing one wedding date can be tough because you’re trying to find the perfect day that will forever be on your calendar as your anniversary. Adding parties to accommodate this date can make the decision more complicated if you want to make sure your main wedding date is in the spotlight. If you want, set your party dates weeks or even months after the actual wedding date so you aren’t a cluster of nerves. Also, make sure the dates in the other cities work with some of your closest loved ones since they are one of the reasons you’re bringing the party to their town.

The New Tradition

These days, many couples are abandoning wedding tradition to do their own thing. The rules of yesterday’s weddings don’t have to stand for today. You don’t have to stop partying after the first celebration and just go home to live your life. Begin your new chapter the way you and your spouse choose. People love a good party and most people love a good wedding reception filled with alcohol and cake even more.

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