How to Add a Touch of Fall Decor to Your Indoor Wedding

A bride in a white dress holding a fall bouquet against a backdrop of red- and orange-colored paper circles.

A fall or autumn wedding has become a popular choice for brides and grooms and it’s easy to see why. There is something magical about this time of year, when the bright colors of summer begin to fade into the amber, red, and orange hues of autumn. Those scorching summer nights gradually give way and cool breezes toss the falling leaves. Doesn’t it just make you want to cuddle up with the person you love, roasting marshmallows over a fire?

Fall is the perfect balance between the warmth and richness of summer and the frozen bite of winter. The season is also, however, notorious for unexpected weather changes. A pleasantly cool day is just as likely to be followed by a snow storm as it is a random hot one. While fall weddings have become incredibly popular, most couples opt for an indoor setting instead of taking their chances with unpredictable weather patterns.

This decision, however, isn’t easy for some couples. What should you do if you love the idea of an outdoor fall wedding, but don’t want to gamble with the weather? The best solution is to bring the fall atmosphere inside for you and your guests to enjoy! There are plenty of brilliant fall décor ideas that can effectively bring the outdoors to you! Here’s how to incorporate typical fall-themed decorative elements into your indoor fall wedding ceremony and reception.

Pumpkins and Gourds

A pumpkin centerpiece with flowers and eucalyptus leaves.

A quintessential fall decoration are pumpkins and gourds. Almost everyone agrees that both of these make a fantastic addition to fall wedding decorations and displays. A nearly effortless application would be to utilize pumpkins or gourds as a part of your table centerpieces. While jack-o’-lanterns are certainly better suited for Halloween, carved pumpkins can make a beautiful addition to your fall wedding décor if you forgo the scary faces. You can easily find and use pretty designs to create beautiful illuminated pumpkins for your wedding. You might also enjoy scattering smaller pumpkins between dishes on the various food tables during the cocktail hour.

If you have children attending your wedding, you may want to consider adding a little pumpkin patch painting area. This is a great way to keep children preoccupied and they’ll have a wonderful time choosing and decorating their own little pumpkin. Honestly, you’ll likely find that the adult guests enjoy this idea, too!

Fall Leaves

A table setting for a fall wedding with a leaf on the plate.

Leaves are another decorative element that will help to capture the essence of fall. Multi-colored leaves can easily be added to your displays. You can include them in and around your centerpieces, strategically scattered on the floor, or hanging from the ceiling. Another lovely idea is to place a boldly colored leaf with each of the seating cards, an element that’s sure to bring the essence of fall to the forefront of your guests’ minds.

For this, you can either choose to incorporate real leaves or fake ones. While faux leaves may not be as authentic, they will look more pristine, are hardier, and will be easier to clean up once the night is over. If your heart is set on real leaves, however, be careful not to damage any trees when removing them. Choose leaves that have already fallen to include in your festivities.

Trees and Bark

Tree stumps and candles as rustic wedding decor.

While leaves are lovely, the trees themselves are actually a very important component of fall. Bringing trees inside for your wedding ceremony and reception, however, isn’t very realistic. There are ways, however, to incorporate the rustic feel of real wood into your decorative efforts.

One great option is to find thick fallen branches, small logs, or trunks to utilize instead of full-sized trees. These items actually make beautiful candle holders. If you or someone you know is a little handy, it’s easy enough to drill out small holes sized to fit tea lights. These candle logs would look stunning on tables or placed around your reception hall. You may even want to consider making enough to give away as wedding favors!

Another great idea is to cut larger slabs from old tree stumps. These can be used to create decorative pedestals to display desserts, appetizers or other items like framed pictures. Consider having these cut at varying heights to add depth to your displays.


A fall-themed floral centerpiece at a wedding reception with apples and leaves.

Apples are a simple and delicious element to incorporate into your fall wedding, especially for dessert items. You can, however, also use them in your décor. One particularly appealing idea is to let your guests “bob for apples.” While playing this game for real isn’t appropriate for the occasion, you can capture the spirit of this fall festival tradition as guests arrive. Consider purchasing a large metal bin and filling it with water. You can then attach guest seating cards to toothpicks, stick them in the apples, and place the apples in the bin. As your guests arrive, they’ll need to sort through the bobbing apples to find their card. This is a great way to set a fall tone! Go a step further by naming your tables after different kinds of apples.

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