How to Be the Best Man

Groomsman with champagne

The “Best Man” title is a highly coveted, special recognition that carries great responsibility. Okay, the title may not be that serious, but you probably won’t get to hold it too many times in life, so enjoy every minute of it and take it seriously. It means you hold a very special place in the groom’s heart. You are now one of the go-to people for everything wedding-oriented, meaning you get to experience all the fun and craziness of the big day right along side the couple. Don’t take your duties with a grain of salt. Have fun but be the best man you can be by following a few guidelines.

Bachelor Party

Guys at bar

Everyone knows the Best Man gets to put together the wildest, coolest, craziest bachelor party there ever was. Are you going to beat “The Hangover” movie plot? No, don’t go that far, but do plan a bachelor party that mirrors the groom’s idea of a good time. Not all bachelor parties have to include staying out all night on The Strip in Las Vegas. You could plan a camping weekend, float your local river, or just have a boys’ weekend hitting the best bars in your city.

Protect the Ring

The only rule you have to follow is DO NOT lose the ring! All you need to do is create a safe nest for that egg and not let it out of your grasp. The easiest way is to just keep it with you in a jacket pocket, but make sure you check your pockets multiple times for any random holes, just in case. The worst thing that can happen is when the officiator asks you for the rings, you fumble and stare at them blankly. Stand beside the groom with your shoulders back with all the confidence in the world and get ready to hand over the ring with a beaming smile on your face. You’ve done the most important job and your loved ones now both get to show off the symbols of their marriage in all their glory.

Marriage License

The couple can’t get married without a marriage license, and it’s your responsibility to keep that marriage license in a special place until the person officiating the wedding needs it. Keep it in a place you’ll easily remember to grab it in the chaos of getting ready to go to the wedding venue. Traditionally, the Best Man and Maid of Honor also sign the marriage license as witnesses.

First Toast

Best man toast

The Best Man is traditionally expected to give the first toast to the married couple at the reception. Many people hate public speaking and stress about the toast weeks before the wedding. Calm down and speak from the heart. You can even use note cards if you’re especially nervous. The biggest rule is here to stay quiet about the wild bachelor party antics and the groom’s exes. Make the toast about the couple! Tell funny stories about the groom growing up if you grew up together or share a special moment about him. You can make it funny or serious, it’s all up to you based on your relationship with the groom.

Decorate the Car

One of the most fun parts of your job is decorating the getaway car. Enlist the other people in the wedding party to go wild with shoepolish, window chalk, cans, ribbons, and balloons. You probably want to stay away from writing anything offensive on the car, as the couple’s family might not find it as funny as you do. If needed, you may even want to drive the getaway car to wherever the couple is going after the ceremony. They may want to drive off themselves, but let them make the choice.

Keep the Groom Calm

Groom and groomsmen

You’re probably used to keeping your buddy calm in stressful situations, so this may not be hard. However, many grooms are both anxious and excited at the same time on their wedding day; it’s usually a day of fun getting ready for their big moment. Do whatever he wants during this time, within reason. Bust out the scotch for a quick drink to ease nerves if you needed, but don’t overindulge or the groom may not like you very much when he cannot remember his wedding day. Play video games or watch sports to just hang out. It’s all about being calm and slowly getting ready. Whatever you do, just make sure the groom is confident and calm when it’s go time!

Have Fun

You have the title of Best Man because you’re a huge part of the groom’s life. You do have to ensure he is ready and excited for this big day, but make sure you are having a great time as well. Wear this title with pride! Do a crazy dance at the reception, indulge in three pieces of cake, and make sure to give the couple a huge hug at the end of the night. You’ve hopefully done your duties to the best of your ability and your friend is now married to the love of their life.

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