How to Bring the Outdoors in at Your Wedding

Flowers placed on a table setting on a rustic table

The sun is setting earlier each day, the air is getting cooler, and the trees are going into hibernation. Summer is coming to an end, and with that so are outdoor weddings.

Autumn and winter weddings, although largely restricted to the indoors depending on where you live, can still be filled with nature. Lush foliage and the scenic atmosphere of the outdoors can be brought inside so as to feel as if you’re one with nature.


Although an obvious choice, bouquets can be arranged using a variety of plants and flowers, as well as twigs, leaves, and more. You don’t have to limit your bouquet selection to just the common options.

Bouquets can be either small or large, and placed in a number of different places. Don’t just stick to centerpieces, but consider adding bouquets to buffet tables, the DJ or band stand, or even around the bar.

Fall themed wreath being made on rustic table


Wreaths can be made from just about any kind of plant or flower, depending on your overall wedding decor. This can be a fun DIY for you and your wedding party! Hang them on doors and pillars to add more color and fragrance throughout the venue.


Drape strings of garland across tables, around door frames, or wrap them around pillars. Garland can be used in so many different ways to spruce up your wedding decor and add a natural element.

Garland has quickly become a popular choice for weddings, as they’re often less expensive than flowers, depending on which plants you go with, and cover much more space.


Chandeliers can be adorned with plants and flowers quite easily, to add a luxurious feel and truly make your guests wonder if they are actually indoors or out, as they are literally surrounded by nature.

Floral chandeliers are an exceptional way to decorate your venue, just be sure to find ones that match your overall theme.

Wedding reception being set up with potted trees and plants

Potted Trees

You don’t necessarily have to bring in parts of plants and cut flowers, but instead you can bring the forest inside by using potted trees. Potted fruit trees, like lemon trees, are not only gorgeous to look at, but also smell good and are easily transported. Choose one that’s special to you and your spouse to plant at home after the wedding for a wonderful reminder of your wedding day.

Another nice thing about using potted trees in your wedding decor is that they’re large enough to really make a statement. Use them to cover unsightly features, or break up an open space. You can even use potted trees to create lavish borders and barriers.

Aisle Planters

Want a clever way to make your aisle scream nature? Line the ceremony aisle with planters that contain either low trees, shrubs, or flowers. These dramatic planters can either be left to your florist to create, or they’re easy enough to tackle as a DIY project.

Plants on Table at a Reception

Potted Plants

Speaking of planters and potted trees, you can also include a variety of different potted plants. Don’t want to use bouquets as centerpieces? Then add potted flowers or other plants.

Potted plants can be used as decor, and then later sent home with guests as wedding favors. They also make great place cards!

Bark Decorations

Any and every part of nature should be considered when bringing the outdoors in at your wedding, and that includes tree bark. Any kind of tree bark is fantastic for using as place cards, and birch bark can be used even more creatively!

Birch bark, because of it’s softness, can be rolled up to cover candle holders or vases, or even cut into larger pieces for use as placemats.

Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are another exceptional way to add nature to your wedding. Tree stumps make great candle holders, side tables, cake stands, and if sliced thinner, a lovely tray.

If you’re thinking about using either bark or tree stumps, please do so responsibly and look for companies that are eco-friendly.

A wedding reception with element from nature

Flower Wall

If you really want to bring a large piece of nature into your venue, consider adding a flower wall! Flower walls look great positioned behind the wedding party’s table and can be made from any kind of flower or plant, even moss!

If you’re planning to tackle this project yourself, you can either use a couple boards of wood or a wooden frame with mesh stretched across it. A mesh wall makes it easy to weave plants and flowers in and out until the entire piece is completely covered. You don’t have to have an over-the-top lush backdrop if you don’t want to. Using a few planks of wood you can hang strings of flowers down them, drape garland across it, or intertwine grown vines.

Cake Toppings

Your venue isn’t the only thing that can be nature-inspired, your food can be too!

Wedding cakes are easy to adorn with edible flowers like pansies, carnations, roses, and more. Chances are your baker should know how to prepare flowers to be used as cake toppings, so be sure to bring it up during your appointment.

Overhead Installation

Installing a ceiling overhead covered with hanging plants like wisteria will help create a magical atmosphere for either your ceremony or reception, and is an excellent way to bring the outdoors in at your wedding.

Overhead installations don’t have to be extremely complicated either. You can create one large piece, or several small ones by creating a wooden frame with mesh stretched across it and then string various flowers from the mesh. These wooden frames can then be hung from the ceiling.

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