How to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding

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Picking a theme for your wedding can feel like a monumental task, since so much about the event will center around whatever you choose, but it’s important to remember that this will also be incredibly helpful because it will make pretty much every other wedding-related decision easier. Here’s six tips to help you narrow down a theme for your big day.

Look at Your Current Space

If you’re unsure of what direction or style to go in for your wedding theme, a great way to begin is to look at your current space. What colors or styles do you tend to gravitate towards in your closet? What about your home decor? Do you tend to choose certain styles or colors without even being conscious of it? Knowing the general aesthetic that you move towards in your day-to-day life will be very helpful in making choices for your wedding.

Don’t Worry about Trends

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What do you do if you know you love a certain thing, but you’re realizing it’s either not at all “on-trend” or is super popular right now and may appear at every other wedding this seaon? Our answer: just do it! Some people will tell you to avoid trends like the plague, but if something you love just happens to be trendy, don’t be afraid to go for it! And, on the other hand, if you love something that’s not on trend right now, don’t be afraid to go for it, either! The most important thing is for your wedding to suit you and your partner, so don’t let fears about what is or isn’t on trend stop you from making the right decision for you and your spouse-to-be.

Consider Logistics

Choosing a theme can feel like a broad, creatively-based decision, and in a lot of ways it is, but you can also use more concrete, logistical aspects to help narrow down some of the possibilities. Do you know if you’d like to get married during a certain season or month? Do you have a specific venue in mind? What about dress style, guest book idea, or other detail that you already know you love? Use this information to help shape and inform your thematic decisions. If you know you love the idea of a winter wedding, that fact may help you cultivate your theme. Figuring out logistics you feel strongly about may help narrow down and simplify your overall options.

Brainstorm About Shared Loves

Do you and your partner have a shared love of something? Colors or general styles you like are an obvious direction, but it could even be more specialized like a shared love of sports or Harry Potter! Just because it’s not a “normal” wedding theme doesn’t mean that it won’t necessarily be right for you, so really let yourselves think outside of the box as you’re brainstorming options, and don’t discount an idea before you’ve even had time to think it over. A great way to narrow down what you’d like is to sit down with your partner and just get all of your ideas out there, from the simple to the eccentric, and see what really inspires and gets both of you excited. Putting things on paper can help clarify things and help you start to get a shared vision for your big day.

Look for Inspiration

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If you’re trying to brainstorm but feel stuck or are struggling for ideas, don’t be afraid to look for inspiration. Search on Pinterest for wedding styles, view the images you see, and talk about what you like or dislike about each. Don’t go into this search feeling like you need to replicate the pictures you’re finding, but use this time to help clarify each of your styles and preferences. Sometimes it’s difficult to envision ideas, color combinations, or themes, so don’t be afraid to get some visuals in front of you for inspiration.

Don’t Force Timelessness

Many articles will tell you to go for “a timeless wedding,” and while there’s nothing wrong with that in theory, it’s important to remember that there are going to be aspects that date your wedding, no matter what theme you choose. Styles change. Makeup and hairstyles and fashion all change, and in 10 years when you look back at your big day, there are most certainly going to be things that make your wedding feel like it was “so 2019.” But I would argue that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a beautiful thing to look back at wedding pictures of the people you love and see those details that identify the time and place. That’s part of what makes looking back so special. So don’t get so stressed out about making every detail ‘timeless’ that you don’t focus on what you really love and want for your big day.

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