How to Create a Week-Of Wedding Timeline

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The week of your wedding will likely be a flurry of activity and although it will be exciting, it may also get hectic at times. The thing about weddings is that there are so many details involved in making the day great that it can be overwhelming and hard to keep everything straight. From welcome bag assembly and flower deliveries to the arrival of guests, you’ll want to have a document that keeps everything organized and in one place. That’s where a week-of wedding timeline comes in handy. Creating one is a bit of a process, but is well worth the time investment in the end. Here’s a few ways to keep yourself organized at this hectic time at your life.

Go Day by Day

It will make sense for each couple to start their week-of timeline on a different date, but as a rule of thumb consider starting yours a week out from the big day. Start by making a list with each individual day listed at the top in columns. Then, write out everything that needs to be accomplished under each corresponding date. Also take a guess of how much time each task will take and list the location where each task needs to take place. Finally, also include who is responsible for each task. If you have tasks you’re not sure when they need to be done by, list those in a separate, miscellaneous list so that you can fit them into the puzzle afterwards.

Develop a Coding System

Having a coding system for your timeline will make this monster of a document easier to read and keep track of. Think through which coding system will work best for you. For instance, should you color-code items based on their priority or based on who is responsible for each task? This is really about what will work best for you and keep you the most organized. You may also choose to categorize items on your timeline into buckets such as “personal care,” “errands,” “vendor items/communication,” and so on.

List all Applicable Details

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Even though your timeline is essentially a chronological list of everything you have to get done in the week leading up to your wedding, that doesn’t mean it should fall short when it comes to having useful information on it. For each task, include all applicable details associated with it. For instance, if you have to drop off your wedding dress to be pressed, list not only that as a line item but also include the address of the dry cleaners, their hours of operations, and any other applicable contact information. If you list on your timeline to pack your overnight bag, attach to that line item a list of all the things to pack so that you don’t forget anything as you go through the motions. This will help you keep everything you need in one central location so that you won’t be scrambling around looking for all the little details.

Build in Time to Relax and Enjoy

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As you build your week-of wedding timeline, don’t skimp on adding in down time so that you can relax and enjoy yourself! Although you’ll surely be busy the week of your wedding, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need time to unwind and catch up on rest. You’ll want to be well rested and refreshed on your actual wedding date, so don’t overload yourself each day with too much to do.

Get as Much Done Ahead of Time as Possible

Your wedding week will be filled with an abundance of errands and little tasks. As you build out your timeline and decipher when you will get what done, try to do as much ahead of time as possible. If you leave little mundane tasks for the last minute, you’ll be frantically rushing to get them done as you’ll have a lot of other, higher priority things going on as your wedding draws closer. Block off time early in the timeline to do things like separate cash into envelopes and label them for tips, get your engagement ring cleaned, pack up decor items, pack a wedding day emergency kit, and confirm everything with your vendors. Getting even the smallest of tasks out of the way early will allow you to enjoy the days leading up to your wedding that much more.

Delegate What You Can

Your family and wedding party are there for a reason, so don’t feel as though you have to complete every little task yourself. Rely on these key people to take on tasks in the week leading up to your wedding. They will likely be excited to have a role in the preparation for the big day! Make sure you are transparent with these individuals as to what they’re doing and share the timeline with them so that everyone is on the same page as to what needs to get done when and who is responsible.

Building a timeline to organize the many tasks associated with your wedding and all the events leading up to the big day is definitely a project, but once you and the others associated with your wedding have this tool to rely on, you’ll be glad you put in the effort to make it.

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