How to Find a Perfect Balance for Your Theme Wedding

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So you’re planning a themed wedding. You’ve found something you love so much that you want to center your big day on it. Great! Themed weddings can be awesomely fun, or they can be a big pain. “But,” you may be thinking, “this will be a cinch. I know my theme in and out.” However, there’s more to planning a themed wedding than knowing the topic inside and out. How do you make sure the fun doesn’t overtake the meaning of the day? How do you strike the perfect balance? Some people don’t mind going all out, from the dress down to the food, but there are a lot of people who want to strike a more conservative balance to ensure their day doesn’t feel cheapened. They want to meld the ceremony with the theme in a beautiful—shall we say—marriage. So where should you input those themed touches to make the day really shine? Don’t worry and don’t get overwhelmed yet. We’ve got tips and tricks that will help you face the balancing act.

Where Does the Theme Go?

As was said above, a themed wedding can be simple if you just make good choices about where to add theme in. For example, you can achieve a good balance by having themed food, for example, but regular flowers; themed touches in décor, but not themed attire. This is one good way to do it if you’re not sure how much is too much and how much is too little.

Another way to get a good ratio of theme to non-theme is to have just a little bit of theme in everything. Think of this scenario: you’re having a Star Wars wedding, but you’re not really feeling an entirely spaced out cake. Forgo the TIE fighters and just have a Wookiee couple on the top—cute and simple. This way you’ve still got a themed cake, but it’s also still a traditional wedding cake. It’s these decisions that can really bring out the best of both worlds. Play around with the different elements of your wedding and how much theme each gets. Then look at the bigger picture every so often to decide whether it meets your vision.

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Are You Going Theme Crazy?

Going theme crazy is when your wedding feels more like it’s an homage to something else, rather than your love as a couple. Some people are so into their theme that they don’t mind taking the back seat a little bit. If you want to share the spotlight though, there are ways to tell if you’re going a bit overboard. Here’s a good place to start: décor. Is the overall look of your wedding overwhelming? Let’s say you’re having a country-rustic themed wedding and you’ve got camo everywhere—and I mean everywhere. Like so much camo everything is invisible. Then you might have gone too far with the themed décor.

Another good measure of an imbalance is money. How much have you spent just trying to pull off a theme? If you’re spending out of budget to keep up, then it’s too much. Remember, planning themed weddings can be a seamless process if you let it be. Overspending and going overboard equals not seamless and, frankly, stressful.

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Guests can suffer from an overdone theme too. You know you’ve gone over when your theme starts to rank higher in importance than guest comfort. This topic has been touched upon before, and that’s because guest comfort is paramount. Don’t sacrifice things like food options or comfortable chairs just to stay within theme. Tone it down and spare your guests a long, frustrating day.

It’s All About You

The last and most important way to tell if your theme has gone crazy is you, the couple. Your wedding day should be about you. Is it still about your marriage or has the whole event become the Mad Hatter’s tea party? Ultimately you are what the day is about, so think about your big day from the perspective of a guest. Is your theme going to distract from the really important parts? Will the day feel like a wedding still? It’s all about creating your ideal experience. If you want guests to see you as the focal point, you need to think about the actual day and what that will be like. In the end, all embellishments should point to the real centerpiece of the day.

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In Conclusion

Themes can be fun, and you can have a great wedding with an amazing theme. Overall, guests like them; they give the day a kind of cohesion and add more fun and whimsy. There are some really beautiful ways in which guests can interact with your theme, too. My cousin had a wedding where everyone dressed up. It was fun for everyone and didn’t overpower the day, but enhanced the experience! Themes make your day memorable and if you follow these tips and toe that balance line, you can create a magical event for everyone involved.

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