How to Find Wedding Vendors You Love

A baker frosting a small cake for a wedding.

Wedding vendors can make or break your mood on your big day. A good wedding vendor will do everything you want the way you agreed upon—leaving you happy and ready to spread their praises. Finding the perfect vendors you love can be easy with these tips.

Know What You Want from Your Wedding Vendors Before Searching

Figure out exactly what you want from each vendor before you begin your search and set your budget before you go on the hunt to ensure you can actually afford your vendors. I knew photography was the most important thing to me at my wedding, and I knew the kind of photos I wanted. This meant I wasn’t going to go out and try to hire a photographer that did all lifestyle shots when I wanted mainly posed shots. I also knew the DJ wasn’t as important to me, so I could spend a bit less on them. If you want a videographer that produces a slideshow and will stay the entire day, make sure you find that type of vendor instead of the videographer that will only stay for four hours and hand you over raw video footage. Knowing what you want is the first step to ensuring you find the type of vendor that fits your every need for your wedding.

Conduct Your Own Social Media Consultation Before Meeting Vendors

A young woman looking at social media accounts on her phone for wedding vendors.

Social media is your best friend when it comes to referrals. Ask people on Instagram or Facebook for their favorite wedding vendors and get details from your friends and family on what each vendor brings to the table. From there, visit each vendor’s social media pages to see if their style and personality may be a good fit for you. Just remember that people may value a vendor for one quality while someone else may not have had a good experience with them because of the same quality. Get a few opinions and then meet with the vendor so you can make your own.

Utilize Wedding Expos to Source Vendors

I attended a few different wedding expos to meet my soulmate vendors. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know which vendor was which. You’ll see every vendor from the tiny ones just starting out to the huge ones that seem to be involved in every event around town. (Don’t count anyone out just because they’re small!) Talk to each vendor and decide if they fit your wedding personality. Some may offer you special deals, or you may just really hit it off with one and love what they have to offer. I found a photographer whose style I just loved. She was starting out and building her portfolio so her prices weren’t as high as other’s. You’ll meet with many wedding vendors as you browse the rows, so make sure to take their cards and write notes to remember which ones you really loved.

Use Your Connections to Get Discounts and Personalized Work

A photographer taking a picture of a bride leaning againt a wall with decorative molding.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but think of who you know when it comes to sourcing vendors for your wedding plans. When I was planning my wedding, I remembered that I knew a girl from my high school who baked cakes. We went for a cake tasting, fell in love with them, and she created for us one of the best wedding cakes I’ve ever seen. She didn’t give me a huge discount just because I knew her, but I was so happy with her work that I didn’t care. Using who you know can often save you a few bucks and you’ll help grow their business in return.

My father-in-law had an old buddy who did wedding videos, so he hooked us up with a big discount—and gave us a great product. I’d venture to guess he worked a little harder on our project just because he knew my father-in-law. Having that personal touch gives you a leg up on your final product. My sorority sister was my wedding planner at the venue. She worked hard for all of her clients, but I think she really put in extra effort to ensure our wedding was perfect. She got us extra deals on the food and put a personal touch on the details of our decorations. You just have to put yourself out there asking loved ones if they can help your wedding dreams come true.

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