How to Have a Stress-Free Beach Wedding

Beach wedding

On a typical summer beach day with your partner, you make sure to grab your favorite cover-up, towel, and hair tie. You never forget your music speaker, goggles, and umbrella, and you pack your favorite beverages, fruit, and sunscreen. The beach is the perfect place to relieve some stress, but you have to be prepared for the day in order to make the most out of it, because if one of you doesn’t, it would mean sitting in the sand sunburnt, wet, cold, and hungry. The same goes for a beach wedding. With the proper preparations, a beach wedding is an ocean breeze.

Get Your Beach Wedding Look

Probably one of the first things you think about before heading to the shore is your whole look. The traditional wedding checklist won’t apply to you and your ceremony, but neither will your normal beach day list. You and your future spouse will have to find something in between.

casual beach wedding

For clothing, both of you will want something semi-formal as opposed to full on wedding dress and tuxedo. Large heavy dresses will suffer from the sand and spray and will simply be too hot to be comfortable in most beach weather. The same goes for a full tux. Instead, think short or minimalist dresses and light colored pants and jackets. Or ditch the jackets altogether in favor of a plain button-up or a best instead. This will give you both less sweat and stress, as well as less complicated clean up later.

Usually, it is better for a bride on the beach to wear an up-do if she has longer hair, or pull the hair back away from her face. This will eliminate hair tangling as a result of the ocean breeze, getting in your lipstick, and the constant need to brush it out of your face for photos.

For shoes, stay barefoot! Just as you would during a beach day. This will keep you from losing expensive shoes or having to stomp through the sand.

Check the Weather

When setting your dates (or planning an elopement), do some research to predict the weather. Since beach weather can be completely unpredictable, do what you can to prepare. However, just like a normal beach day, if the weather was supposed to be one way, but turns out another, know it is out of your control and don’t let it ruin your fun!

If you do get the ideal conditions, ensure that guests aren’t facing the sun during your nuptials. If there is no way of avoiding the rays or you just want to be extra careful, provide pairs of sunglasses and sunscreen.

Carefully Plan Your Location

Beach wedding

Depending where on the beach you go and when, you might notice the lack of parking. Make sure during planning that you take this into account. Sometimes it is better to choose to be wed at a resort over a normal beach to avoid this problem completely. Or if you do choose to have the wedding take place on the beach, consider a low season date. This way parking and space are ample, and people are not.

A public beach is just that: public. So, when you arrive on your wedding day (or rehearsal day) you might see that other people have already snagged your location. With a beach wedding, you risk having random people in close proximity to your ceremony and guests. Therefore, before finalizing your plans, find out if the beach you have chosen is public or private, to save your frustration. It also helps to pick a spot you are familiar with, instead of a completely new place, so you know what to expect the day of.

If you plan on having relatives or loved ones at your wedding, be sure to take accessibility into account on your big day. Chairs, rails, and helpers can make a beach wedding possible for people who may have trouble getting around. Speaking of helpers, if you are able to hire a wedding planner, look specifically for someone who has experience with beach weddings. Their advice during planning could be priceless and save you from many headaches.

When you and your partner go for a swim after the wedding and all your stress has been lifted, you’ll realize that’s what it is all about. A perfect day full of relaxation with the one you love most. This is exactly how it will feel during your beach wedding if you leave make the right preparations. Allow yourself to remember why you chose to have your wedding at the beach, and it will be pure bliss.

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