How to Incorporate Favors Into Your Wedding Decor

A terrarium with plants at a wedding reception that doubles as a wedding favor.

Wedding favors are traditionally placed at an exit to the event so that guests will easily grab one on their way out. However, it has become more and more common to incorporate favors into the actual wedding decorations. This means that every pretty little favor does double-duty as a colorful addition to the venue’s charm. Here are some ways to incorporate wedding favors into your wedding decor.

Use Traditional Wedding Favors as Name Cards

A wedding reception table with gold chairs and favors at each setting.

If you are going to have assigned place settings, or even if you just want people to be able to claim their own place at a table, name tags are a nice way to keep things organized. However, rather than traditional little metal clips to hold name tags, why not make your name tag holders become wedding favors? Tiny succulent plants, cute boxes of candy, or decorative candles can all easily hold up a name tag while making a table look festive and fun. By using your wedding favors as name tag holders, you can save space on the tables and avoid making them look cluttered, all while making sure people remember where to sit.

Decorate With Magnetic Photos

If you want to give out wedding favors—and also decorate with photos—do both at the same time! Create magnets of your favorite photos as a couple for guests to take home, that can double as decor at the dining tables or at another area of the reception. Photos can also be conversation starters for wedding guests and a fun way for people to get to know one another and their relationship to you as a couple.

Set Up a Cookie or Candy “Bar”

A candy bar made up of white candy in glass jars.

A recent trend is to have a “bar,” or selection of treats, guests can choose from to take home in a small bag. Featuring a bar like this front-and-center can make for a very pretty addition to a reception space, especially if you decorate the area and use beautiful glass jars or containers. A popcorn, candy, or cookie bar is an easy-to-eat and customizable wedding favor that your guests will love both during and after the reception.

Let Guests Take Home the Centerpieces

A bohemian wedding reception table with cacti and vintage goblets.

While a big bouquet of flowers may be the most common way to create a table centerpiece at a wedding reception, that simply doesn’t have to be the case. Beautiful ceramic candle holders, decorative items, or even a set of little plants can serve as a centerpiece that can then be shared between the guests at that table. Many beautiful decor items can also make good favors; just make sure to display a decorative sign letting guests know they can take these items home at the end of the night.

Let Guests Take Home Floral Decor

Beyond the tables of the reception, many venues could stand a little floral touch here and there. For this reason, brides and grooms often elect to have vases or pots around the space full of plants and flowers. This can be a further recycling of flowers from the ceremony if you have a bridal party member designated to make the transfer. During a lull before many people have headed home, have the MC announce that the flowers and plants are meant as gifts of gratitude for the guests’ attendance, and indicate exactly what should go. If people may still be loathe to take active decorations if they are leaving early, designate these flowers and plants as gifts for anyone who stays to help clean up.

No matter how you factor the favors into your wedding decorations, make sure that the guests very clearly know to take the items home with them. By making clear what the favors are and getting the MC to mention that guests are welcome to take one home, you can ensure that everyone will enjoy the wedding for the visual display, and get to take a piece of it home with them.

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