How to Incorporate First Responder or Military Details into Your Wedding

A saber arch for a bride and groom to walk under during their military-inspired wedding.

Details, no matter how small, can really help show your and your significant other’s personalites and complete your wedding day. If your future spouse (or you!) is in the military or is a first responder, you might want to include that in some of your wedding design. Now, it doesn’t have to be as obvious as wearing dress blues or having a red, white, and blue theme. It can be as subtle or as extravagant as you would like. It’s your day after all, so make it about the both of you! Here are some first responder or military wedding detail ideas to consider.

Wear Your Uniform or Use a Small Detail from It

A serviceman and bride dancing at their wedding.

Of course, you want to look your very best on your wedding day. You have the perfect dress or suit tailored just for you, but why not include something a little more personal into your outfit—something that’s small, but holds a lot of meaning? For the guys, cufflinks can be personalized with military emblems, thin blue or red lines—anything that shows support and pride for your or their line of work.

Think about taking an old uniform of your future spouse’s, removing their name label, and sewing your new last name somewhere in your outfit. It can be on the inside of your dress by your heart, or even inside on your back (because you always have their six). Many online shops offer custom garters where you can choose colors, camouflage, and even add a badge number or phrase. Spruce up your outfit with little hidden details only you, your fiancé, and photographer will know about.

Go Crazy with the Decor Options

Something you start thinking about very early on when planning a wedding is what your decorations will be. Have a little fun by incorporating some first responder or military detilas into your decor. Table numbers, for instance, can be anything you want—they don’t have to be the normal 1-10. Why not name your tables after the NATO phonetic alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. You could even have them spell out your last name! The guests that are first responders or military might be amused at the creativity, while they help other guests try to figure out why they are at a table named “Delta.” If that’s too crazy for your taste, naming tables after countries, states, or bases you or your fiancé have been stationed at is a nice little nod towards your personal life.

Tie Something Meaningful Around the Bouquet

A military uniform hat and bouquet on a lawn during a wedding.

Your photographer will focus on the bouquet for a lot of pictures and it’ll be in most of your wedding portraits. Take the extra step and add a surprise to your flowers. It could even count as your something old, borrowed or blue! Wrap or decorate the stems with dog tags, a pin, or a badge. Maybe even think about using fabric from an old uniform around the stems as well. (Just make sure you take it off and put the detail in a safe place before the bouquet toss!)

Don’t Forget the Food and Drink Details

Another idea could involve the champagne flutes you and your new spouse toast with. Sure, you can get a nice pair from the department store, but you could also step it up a notch and have them uniquely personalized. Badge numbers or military emblems can be painted on the base for a small detail. You could even have the flutes painted to be like a uniform and a wedding dress. Champagne flutes are a great traditional wedding present that you can display at home for years to come, so why not personalize them and make them about who you are?

Couples are getting more creative with their wedding dessert choices, including everything from a groom’s cake and candy tables to doughnut walls. Use this to your advantage. Decorate your groom’s cake like a uniform or a service branch color scheme. Customized cake toppers are also an easy way to add some detail. If you or your fiancé are in the military and have a saber, think about using that to cut your cake! If you’re having a coffee bar after dinner with desert, order a brand of coffee that supports military or first responders and have the company on display.

Above all, make your wedding what you and your fiancé have dreamed about. Let your military or first-responder values and personalities shine through on even the smallest of details. From the pin on your flower bouquet to the saber arch you both walked through after saying “I do,” these details will make the wedding memorable, personal, and unique.

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