How to Make Flowers the Star of Your Wedding Decor

A wedding ceremony arch decorated with flowers and greenery

Flowers are a great way to make a statement at your wedding. And if you’re into these fragrant decor pieces and want to make them the star of the show on your big day (as far as decor goes, of course!), there are many ways to do so. Creating a fabulously floral focal point on your big day is not only easy—it’s also fun!

Create a Flower Wall

Flower walls have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and with good reason. They’re a blooming centerpiece that will create the perfect backdrop at your event. Plus, they make for an Instagram-worthy spot for everyone to pose in front of.

Have a Ceremony Arch

A wedding ceremony arch made of greenery.

Ceremony arches or arbors are another amazing way to draw the attention of your guests directly to the flowers. The beauty of these arches is that you can take them in so many different directions, depending on your style and vision for the ceremony. You could go with a beautifully manicured arch featuring cream colored flowers and greenery, or instead you could opt for an arch filled with bustling wildflowers, overgrown greens, and protruding branches. Your arch can take the shape you envision to make all of your floral dreams come true.

Hang Your Flowers

A stunning way to feature flowers at your wedding is to hang them from the ceiling. Whether you make these encircle a chandelier or have an entire display of flowers created and installed onto the ceiling, this is a surefire way to make flowers the center of your reception.

Make it Ombré

Make your flowers stand out by playing around with their colors. Use different shades of one color to create an ombré effect in a large flower installation. This can be done on a flower wall or on an arch. You can even create an ombré look with flowers on your head table, having a number of centerpieces in varying hues of the same color across the space.

Use Chair Garlands

Chairs at a wedding reception decorated with a flower garland.

Adding flowers to each of your guest chairs is another simple way to make flowers stand out at your reception. Plus, guests will love this beautiful touch at their seat.

Place Flowers Behind the Head Table

A flower installation behind your head table gives you the perfect spot to sit during your reception and it draws everyone’s attention to this area. Bursting blooms behind you as you enjoy your first meal as a married couple also presents an amazing photo-op at your reception.

Line the Ceremony Aisle

A wedding ceremony venue next to a lake and decorated with tall pampas grass lining the aisle.

Line your ceremony aisle with flowers that aren’t super low to the ground to create an amazing aesthetic. Raised flowers on each side in a continuous line is an unforgettable way to walk down the aisle as you prepare to say “I do.”

Use Tall Centerpieces

Have your florist create reception centerpieces that are tall in order for them to take command of the room. The bigger these centerpieces are, the better! Remember that they should be taller than the sight line of guests when they’re seated, as you don’t want these beautiful arrangements to get in the way of socializing.

Line the Dance Floor

Have your florist create flower boxes filled with blooms to line the dance floor. Place these directly in front of the DJ booth or stage where the band is to create a pretty barrier.

Create Floral Table Runners

A floral table runner at a wedding reception.

Bring your table runner to life with one made out of blossoms. These can go down the middle of your rectangle reception tables, accompanied by candles. The runner should cascade down to the floor for dramatic effect.

Create Your Monogram with Flowers

Have flower arrangements in the initials of you and your new spouse created to hang at your wedding. These are an artful and unique way to use flowers at your wedding and reception.

Flowers are beautiful, artful, and a special way to make your wedding come to life. These are just some of the ways that you can make these beautiful blooms the focal point of your big day.

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