How to Make Your Wedding Feel Like a Fairy Tale

Couple in Disneyland

Everyone knows a wedding is supposed to make the couple feel like the most important people in the world for a day, like royalty. And who knows royalty and romance better than Disney?

Many generations of fans are growing up and are eager to take inspiration from characters like Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White when planning their ceremonies. But having a cake topper of Ariel and Eric isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t worry; whether you’re a minimalist or more into extravagance, there are many classy ways to channel your favorite princess on your wedding day.

Pick Your Favorite

Every Disney princess has a look that can spark ideas. Since one of our favorites here at Weddingbee is Belle, we chose Beauty and the Beast as an example for how you can create that overall princess look for your wedding! Smart and courageous—and brunette—Belle is a princess who knows herself and her dreams and settles for nothing less. She also embodies a classic elegance perfect for a wedding aesthetic.

Red roses feature heavily in Beauty and the Beast, so if you’re going for a Belle-inspired wedding, this makes your flower choice very easy.

Rose bouquets

But you don’t have to limit your use of roses to just bouquets and centerpieces. Grab a few extra blooms and create table settings to follow your theme.

Rose table setting

The trick to keeping your décor from overwhelming your wedding is to stick with subtlety. Elements that seem ordinary will come together to create your Disney feel.

In Beauty and the Beast, everyday objects become some of our favorite characters. By itself, a large candelabra in the center of the couple’s table might not mean anything, but when it’s paired with your roses and a beautiful red and gold color palette, it’s more obvious that you’re giving a subtle nod to Lumiere.

Candelabra table setting

Belle and Beast’s dance to “Beauty and the Beast” is one of the movie’s most iconic scenes, and anyone who says they don’t remember the beautiful chandelier in the ballroom likely hasn’t seen the movie in a very long time. Luckily, this is a very easy element to add to your wedding décor. However, please make sure you consult your venue before hanging it, just in case.


Small touches go a long way to creating something unforgettable at your wedding. It’s your big day, so you should feel like you’ve stepped into a real life fairy tale.

More Inspirational Ideas

As much as we love Belle, she’s definitely not the only princess who can inspire a wedding! Don’t be afraid to pick your favorite heroine and use her movie to create something completely different. Go beyond just a color palette and bring in those subtle hints that are going to really tie her image into your ceremony.

The Princess and the Frog ushered in a new era of princesses for the new generation, but Tiana also found a place in the hearts of many adults with her hard-working spirit, tenacity, and wit. It also helps that the movie is set against the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties and its vivacious aesthetic.

While white and pastels are common for weddings, a Princess and the Frog theme could give brides a chance to go dark with light accents. Green and purple are Tiana’s primary colors, but introducing white water lilies into your centerpieces and floral décor adds a classy touch that still makes the occasion bright. Floating tea lights in your centerpieces can also give a fairy tale feel while giving a discreet nod to the movie’s lively firefly family.

flower tea lights

Of course, you can’t have a Princess and the Frog theme without thinking about food! Unfortunately, you can’t have Tiana cook at your reception, but if you’re a fan of Creole cuisine, put some on your menu! Your guests will appreciate something more flavorful and unique. If you’re not going with a full catered meal at your wedding, don’t worry. Go with Tiana’s specialty instead: beignets!


Tangled has a very classic “medieval” feel that makes everything feel straight out of a storybook, and Rapunzel is a princess with style as colorful as her personality. Fortunately, there are also a few iconic touches from her movie that can really make for truly unique décor.

Whether it’s Disney or not, Rapunzel is known for one thing: her hair. So long that Mother Gothel can climb it up a tower! Do you know what you’re going to do with yours? If Rapunzel is your inspiration, then take a note from her book. Try an elegant braided style and incorporate bright, colorful flowers! Or if your hair is shorter, you might channel her look at the movie’s end with a small tiara.

Flowers in braid

Rapunzel’s love song “I See the Light” is a beautiful scene, but the song itself sometimes takes a back seat to the breath-taking sight of the floating lanterns around her in the sky. For your wedding, you can drape similar lanterns from the ceiling or along the walls for a soft lighting that compliments the rest of your look. Or you can stick to something a little simpler (if your venue doesn’t lend itself to hanging lanterns) and use them as centerpieces instead.

lantern centerpieces

No one is more classic Disney Princess than the first—Snow White. Beautiful and kind, she has motivated many generations of girls and women to always put their best foot forward even in the face of adversity, and her look is all about channeling elegance.

Flowers actually don’t feature very heavily in Snow White, so for this kind of wedding, large floral bouquets might feel out of place. Consider embellishing with plain greenery instead to embody Snow White’s strong ties with nature and animals.

Greenery table setting

If you were asked to pick one object as a symbol of this princess and her film, there’s no doubt you would say “an apple.” So what would a Snow White inspired wedding be without apples? You don’t have to be so obvious with them, such as putting them in centerpieces, if that’s not your style. Feature them in your food instead! Apple tarts, apple pie, or just fresh apple slices with a spread or dip will surely be a hit.

Apple crumble

As important as the apple is to the story, there is one other object that holds a very special significance in Snow White’s fairy tale: the mirror. See if you can find a large, oval-shaped mirror at an antique shop, secondhand store, or a home décor store to hang behind the bride’s table or the food table for an amazing, spot-on focal point in your décor.

Couple kissing mirror

Have Your Wedding at the Most Magical Place on Earth

While all of these ideas sound like they can create the perfect fairytale wedding, planning can be too much for some couples. If you want all the glamour and fun but none of the stress, consider working with the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons planners. Their amazing team works hard to design custom Disney-inspired weddings with modern, subtle details just like these to give you that classy wedding you’ve always wanted with a bonus: you get to be married at a Disney Destination! After all, where can you feel more like a real princess?

Disneyland honeymoon

Contact Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to discuss your story and they’ll plan a unique event just for you that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a dream.

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