How to Plan a Garden Wedding

A wedding reception in a garden setting with lights and florals.

Planning a beautiful and romantic garden wedding can seem like an overwhelming task when you get started. However, there are ways to simplify this process and ensure that you leave no stone unturned. Plus, there are an abundance of ways to make your garden wedding serene and special for yourself and your guests alike.

Choose a Garden Venue

The first step to planning your garden wedding is to choose the venue that suits both your wants and needs. In doing so, you’ll need to choose a date. Consider the weather around the time of year that your date falls under, as you don’t want to plan an outdoor wedding for a rainy, snowy, or cold season. Also consider what your venue will and will not be able to provide and accommodate for your event in choosing this important spot to host your garden wedding. You’ll want to ensure the venue you choose has adequate parking for guests, working bathrooms, and sufficient electrical power.

Form a Backup Plan for Inclement Weather

It’s tough to consider the fact that the weather may ruin your plans for an outdoor garden wedding, but nonetheless it’s important to have a backup plan. Work with your venue to formulate a plan that you’ll be happy with in the event of bad weather on your big day. If your venue isn’t equipped with an indoor area to have your event if bad weather strikes, consider renting a tent.

Have a Plan for Serving Food Safely

When having an outdoor wedding, it’s important to carefully plan the food service. You don’t want your guests to be served food that’s been exposed to the elements for too long. Have a plan with your caterers to accommodate the need to keep food protected from the weather and at the optimal temperature through the entirety of your event.

Wear an Appropriate Dress

A bride and groom walking on a path at their garden wedding.

Choosing your wedding gown for a garden wedding is something that requires a bit of thought. This is because getting married in a garden around dirt and other outdoor elements leaves you and your dress vulnerable to getting dirty. For that reason, choose a dress with little to no train. Also, opt for shoes that don’t have a stiletto heel that will sink into grass. Instead, go for a comfortable flat or wedge. Another important thing to do for your bridal look is to communicate with your glam team about the setting your wedding is in. This way, they can plan for the potential of sweat, wind, and humidity in styling your look.

Make the Most of the Decor

A table at a garden wedding reception decorated with a green garland and pink roses.

Make the most of your beautiful garden venue for your wedding. Decipher the exact spot for your ceremony location and how you will use the beauty of the natural surrounds to decorate your big day. Also decide what other decor will be needed to accent the garden. For instance, will you use a flower arch during your ceremony? Also decide what table linens and lighting will be needed for your event to keep it serene and well-lit well into the night. Perhaps you will opt for paper lanterns or string lights to nicely accent the beautiful setting.

Keep Guests in the Loop

You’ll want to let guests know about the setting of your wedding. Put this information on your wedding website or in your invitations. This is important because guests will want to be able to dress appropriately. Make this information well-known to maximize the enjoyment of your guests at your wedding.

Check the Electricity

A few days before your wedding, ensure that the electricity and sound gets checked for your ceremony and reception. You don’t want to wait until the last second to realize there’s some kind of issue, as that could put a big damper on your ceremony if the mic doesn’t work. Tending to this ahead of time can mitigate the risk of any last-minute issues.

Consider the Comfort of Your Guests

Any outdoor wedding needs a range of essential items. Have sunscreen, adequate water, bug spray, and even throw blankets on hand for your guests to use at your wedding to ensure their comfort and that your event goes off without a hitch.

Garden weddings take advantage of a serene setting and the beauty of nature. Start your marriage in a tranquil garden to set the tone for a life filled with love, sunshine, and happiness. Planning your garden wedding may seem like a lot of coordination, but stick to handling these basics and your event will be perfect.

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