How to Plan a Palm Springs Wedding

A young casual bride and groom standing on large rocks in Palm Springs and kissing.

Ready to start planning a gorgeous oasis wedding in Palm Springs? There are a myriad of options available to you, and you want to take advantage of everything this area has to offer. Keep in mind that with its destination appeal, Palm Springs can be booked up earlier than other areas of the country, so start planning as soon as you can!

Choose Your Time of Year

While spring and fall weather in Palm Springs is just wonderful, you can actually do quite well with a hotter summer wedding or a cool winter wedding. Spring and fall dates will be the most popular, so book those far out in advance. If you are looking for a better deal on a dream venue, ask about winter and summer rates; most people agree that even an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception are completely possible in the warmest and coolest months of the year in Palm Springs, so take advantage of any lower rates available for those spots.

Plan Your Guest List

One of the important things to consider with a destination wedding is that your guests may be either much less likely to come because of travel expenses, or much more likely, when they can build a vacation in Palm Springs into their trip. For this reason, it can be good to price out your wedding for a couple of different scenarios: if you get a really high positive RSVP rate, will this break the bank or exceed the size of the venue you are considering? Especially if you are inviting a lot of guests, make sure that your venue can actually handle a high number of people so that you don’t have to make arrangements last-minute.

Choose the Perfect Venue

A modern house in Palm Springs surrounded by rocks and succulent plants.

Given that Palm Springs is such a destination, it is completely possible that the venue prices you see will give you a bit of sticker shock. However, one of the best things about this area is that there are a lot of non-traditional venues, estates, and hotel/resorts—and you don’t know if they are in your price range until you ask for the price sheet. You might be surprised! Especially if you want to be offer your guests affordable accommodations, look at estates and rentals that include a certain amount of rooms, or that offer a discount for your room block; bundling the lodging and the ceremony/reception location can be very good for your bottom line.

Employ a Local Planner

Especially if you are located elsewhere, work to hire a local wedding planner. They will have a lot of insights, like when local festivals may make getting reservations a challenge, and they will understand which vendors are trustworthy in the area. Use their expertise as a local to make the experience of planning a wedding from afar less stressful, while getting everything done that you need to accomplish during this busy and exciting time.

Opt for Memorable Catering

A spread of tacos at a Palm Springs wedding reception.

The Palm Springs food scene has exploded and is full of incredibly good cooking that makes use of the natural bounty in the surrounding area. While some venues may limit which caterers you can use, you will find that if you ask about farm-fresh ingredients or the caterer’s specialties, you can often find a meal that diverges from the traditional chicken or pasta dishes you tend to find at every wedding. Take advantage of the Palm Springs options and give your guests a meal to remember.

Fine-Tune the Itinerary with Your Photographer

One of the big reasons to get married in Palm Springs is to get breathtaking photography in this picturesque area. Make sure your photographer has great ideas about how to capture the natural beauty along with the photographs you want of your wedding, including things like planning photo sessions for the sunset timeframe that tends to be most magical. Work on the itinerary to make sure you can get every shot you want without rushing any other part of the wedding experience.

Find Amazing Vendors