How to Plan for 5 Potential Summer Wedding Disasters

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A summer wedding is such a fun way to celebrate your love. With warm weather, blooming trees and flowers, and a more relaxed state of mind, many couples decide to tie the knot during this season. You may have a few worries for summer specific wedding disasters, though. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to mitigate summer-related issues before they even occur, making your wedding day a breeze.

1. It’s Super Hot

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The most common issue where summer weddings are concerned is likely the worry of it being too hot. With the sun beating down, it can feel suppressive for you and your guests alike. While we can’t control the weather, there are some things to avoid the heat taking a toll on your big day. The first thing to do is be well equipped for the heat. That means having fans as well as water stations at the ready for guests to utilize. For any part of an outdoor event, have umbrellas set up so that there’s shade available to keep everyone at a good temperature. You can also get creative with heat mitigation. Do this by creating programs that are in the shape of a fan for an outdoor ceremony to help guests keep cool. Another option is to provide guests with handheld fans as wedding favors to use during the event.

Another way to work against the heat is to plan for at least part of your event to be indoors. Even if you’re enjoying outdoor amenities or spaces during the course of your event, having an air conditioned space as a part of the event as well offers great relief and makes the heat a lot more bearable.

2. It’s Super Humid

Another issue that the summer weather presents is humidity. This can be an issue not just because it can make you really hot, but it can cause extremely frizzy hair. No bride wants to deal with that on their big day! There are certain precautions you can take to safeguard your look against the humidity, though. For instance, consider getting a keratin treatment leading up to your wedding as a great shield against the humidity. On the day of, make sure your hair stylist uses a humidity shield to help ward off frizz. You may even want to have your hair stylist stay for touch-ups for after the ceremony if it takes place outdoors to help control any frizz for the remainder of the day.

3. There’s a Summer Storm

A bride and groom holding a clear umbrella in the rain.

Another big worry concerning summer weather is that there will be a big storm the day of your wedding. Summer is known for its thunderstorms with heavy winds and torrential rain. This threatens to ruin any outdoor elements of your day and also poses the risk of a power outage. To plan for these problems, you can have a solid indoor backup plan for any parts of your day that are planned for outdoors. This is important to do upfront when you first choose your venue to ensure that there are both indoor and outdoor plans that you’re happy with. As mentioned above, we can’t control the weather!

4. You’re Sunburnt

Another potential summer wedding disaster is that you or your future spouse are very sunburnt for the big day. This would cause discomfort and might not be the look you want in your treasured wedding photos that will last a lifetime. This is another case in which the best way to work against the issue is prevention. Always use SPF leading up to your wedding when you’ll be spending time outdoors, even if it’s not very sunny. Also, have a hydrating skin spray as well as aloe on hand to use in the case of an accidental burn. If you do happen to get a burn on your face, ensure you use creamy, hydrating makeup the day of your wedding to avoid flakiness or peeling.

5. Flowers are Wilting

A floral bridal bouquet.

The heat of the summer could cause your wedding flowers to wilt. This would definitely put a damper on the aesthetic of your day. The best way to protect your flowers against this, though, is prevention. Work with your florist to choose flowers that match the look you’re going for but that are also known for their ability to stand up to the summer heat. This will help prevent disappointment, wasted money, and wilted flowers in your bouquet or decor.

While these wedding day emergencies are all prevalent in the summer, planning for them helps mitigate the risk of experiencing any of them on your big day.

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