How to Prep Your Pet for Your Wedding

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If you’re an animal lover, you know that pets can be an important part of your family. And, of course, you want your family at your wedding, right? But naturally a pet might need some more preparation and attention to get ready for the big day than your cousin or brother! Here are some ways to make sure your pet is as comfortable and ready as you are!

Make Sure They’re Trained and Prepared!

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Being in a wedding can be tough enough for humans (there’s a reason the rehearsal exists!) but it can be extra difficult for animals. If your dog, cat, or other pet is going to be in the actual wedding ceremony, it might be good to make sure they’re not only rehearsed the day before, but that they go through some training beforehand. There will likely be a lot of people, new places, and tons of new things around, and you want to make sure your littlest family member is prepared to handle it.

Make Sure They’re Up to Date on Shots and Other Necessities

Since your wedding is going to involve lots of people and new places like we mentioned earlier, it’s extra important for your pets to be up-to-date on any necessary vaccinations or other medical necessities before the big day! You certainly don’t want to be worrying about the safety of your animal while you’re preoccupied with your guest, and even more importantly you want to make sure your little guy or girl will be as healthy as possible at your event! Being fully vaccinated can help bring you peace of mind.

Designate Pet Parent(s) for the Day

Of course, you love your animal very very much and having them in attendance for your wedding may be very important to you! Even so, it’s important to designate a friend or family member (or two!) to care for and watch over your pet during the wedding and reception. Your wedding day will be filled with people for you to see and things for you to do, so you’ll need to make sure the needs of your animal are taken care of that day and that YOU are not the one responsible. Having a trusted family member or friend who knows your pet and its needs will be instrumental to making the day go smoothly for everyone.

It will be especially important for this person to get to know the little one well in advance, so that he/she is not put in a position where they get scared or uncomfortable! Schedule lots of time in advance for your sitter to spend time with your animal, get to know them, and get comfortable with recognizing their needs, as well as handling the basic stuff—feeding, walking, etc. This way, when your wedding day comes, both the humans and your furry friend will be comfortable and happy with each other. Not only will the day likely run much smoother, but your mind will be at ease knowing that your pet is safe and happy!

Know When They Would Do Better Elsewhere

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This is a hard one to think about, but it’s certainly something to consider depending on how your pet is able to handle new locations, crowds, etc. Some friends of mine got married recently and unfortunately were not able to have their beloved puppy attend the party. They were very bummed out about it, but they did recognize her in the wedding program as an honorary bridal party member! So sweet! Ultimately, they realized that this situation wouldn’t be a good one for their little pup! They actually chatted with me later about how their puppy tends to get anxious in large groups of people, and they knew that, although they would’ve really loved for her to be there, it would’ve been too difficult and stressful for her. So they decided to have her stay at a reputable, loving, responsible Doggy Day Care.

You know your pet best, so you’re the one to assess what he or she can handle. If you’ll think they’ll have an awesome time and really enjoy your wedding, go for it! But do not feel bad if you decide it’s best for everyone for your little one to hang out somewhere else with a trusted pet sitter! You know what will make them the most happy and comfortable and you should do what you feel is best.

Including your beloved animal in your wedding can be an extremely fun and heart-warming thing for you, your pet, and everyone who gets to witness the sweetness! And if you’ve done all you can to prepare your furry friend for this amazing event, you can go into your big day with confidence that it will be a good—and healthy—one for everyone!

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