How to Repurpose Wedding Decor to Stay on Budget

Wedding reception tables decorated with blue accents and pink and white flowers.

When it comes to budgeting for decorations at your wedding, it’s easy for things to quickly get out of hand. Between the ceremony, cocktail hour touches, and reception centerpieces, things tend to add up. One way to avoid going over budget in this area of your wedding is to repurpose decor from the ceremony in later parts of your event. This way, you get more bang for your buck and also get to enjoy the decor for even longer! Below are some ideas for repurposing decorations within your wedding events seamlessly and effectively.

Be Strategic with What Wedding Decor You Choose to Use

Vintage furniture that is repurposed from a wedding ceremony to reception.

You’ll notice that all of the tips to repurposing wedding decor below have one thing in common: they require you to be strategic. As you choose your decor, pick items with care that can easily be transitioned from one part of your big day to the next in order to save money and avoid being wasteful. Remember that items with multiple roles throughout the celebration will still have their own special place in every segment of the day. With that being said, reusing items isn’t going to take anything away from your day, but will instead add to it!

While figuring out the logistics of moving these pieces around may seem like a complete nightmare, consider all of your options for making it happen. Your florist and their staff may be able to stay through your ceremony to transition these pieces during cocktail hour. If not, ask a bridesmaid or two to be the point people on the task, or see if anyone who works at your venue is able to pitch in so that you’re able to enjoy your wedding day without worrying about it.

Reuse Ceremony Backdrops at the Reception

If you have some kind of a backdrop that you’re using to accentuate the altar area of your ceremony, odds are it was a semi-costly venture. Whether it’s an arch, chuppah, or lavish flower wall, you’ll want to get as much out of that investment as possible! For that reason, it’s an easy and fun idea to reuse this piece of decor to draw attention to your sweetheart table during your reception. This makes for an interesting piece during the party and also serves as the perfect photo op. Finally, this can save you money by minimizing the need to otherwise decorate your sweetheart table (or candy bar, or gift table…you get the picture).

Relocate Fancy Seating from the Ceremony to Reception

Chairs at a wedding ceremony decorated with flowers and greenery.

If you have pretty chairs for your guests at your ceremony or seating that has some kind of adornment, reuse these chairs in your reception to add some extra flair to the room. This could mitigate the yearn to opt for pricey chair rentals in your reception without sacrificing style.

Make Use of Bridesmaid Bouquets

Let’s face it—after the ceremony and professional photos ends, bridesmaids aren’t really using their bouquets for much. Odds are that the flowers will end up thrown on tables at the reception as your girls party the night away. Avoid the bouquets going to waste by using them to decorate the cake table at your reception or even using them on guest tables in vases. This is a simple yet genius way to squeeze more value out of something you’re already paying for and to cut down on the cost of reception decor. Another great way to reuse these bouquets is to have them complement larger flower arrangements at your reception. Perhaps you want to go all-out on flowers for your head table or add some arrangements to the bathroom. Reusing the bridesmaid bouquets makes it easy to do so at no extra cost.

Repurpose Lighting

White candles on a mantel as wedding decor with eucalyptus and flowers.

If your ceremony uses candles or elegant lanterns to adorn the aisle, simply ask someone to bring them to your reception to fill guest tables. Renting or buying candles can quickly be a great expense, so being able to double-dip on those you rent or purchase for the ceremony can save you some serious cash. If your reception features any outdoor space, moving these lanterns or candles over to that area could also be a great way to provide guests with lighting far into the night, at no additional cost to you.

Don’t Forget Odds and Ends

If your ceremony has little odds and ends that were used to enhance the guest experience or to serve as decorations, don’t simply leave them there during your reception. If you had a pretty basket that held ceremony programs for guests, reuse it for the pens at the guest book table. Get creative and make your investments in wedding decor work for you.

Repurposing wedding decor from one event to the other allows you to enjoy those special touches you chose more than you would if they were only used for a snippet of your day—and it saves you money. You can’t go wrong!

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