How to Set Up Your Own Photo Booth

Photo booth props

Photo booths have been a rising trend in weddings for some time now, but what if you don’t have room in the budget to rent one of those fancy machines? What if your event is more on the DIY-side and you want to keep the photo booth in line with that? No worries! It can actually be quite simple to put together one of your own if you have these few things in place!


You might be thinking that a super fancy camera should be number one on the list, but the reality is that the type of camera is far less important than the type of lighting you have in the photo space. If you put your photo booth in an area with a very dark lighting set-up, not only will your space not look inviting and fun, but the camera will have a hard time focusing and getting good shots, which is the whole point to begin with! You can purchase an inexpensive lighting kit if you can make that investment, but even if you can’t, adding lots of light to the area (natural light is awesome, if possible!) will make a massive difference in how the photos turn out. If nothing else, invest in your lighting for great photo booth photos.

A wedding couple taking a selfie with a cellphone

Digital Camera/Polaroid/iPad

There are lots of options for what you want your guests to use to actually take the photos – and what you choose depends more on preference or aesthetic than anything else. The main thing to make sure of is that whatever you choose to use is of decent quality so that you will get some great photos out of it, but is also something that you’re comfortable having A LOT of guests handle. The reality is not everyone at your wedding will be a professional photographer who knows how to handle photography equipment, so you should keep that in mind before you borrow your best friend’s $2,000 DSLR to do the job! If you’re not going to delegate one particular person to take all the photos, it’s a reality that whatever you choose needs to be something that you’re okay with your guests—who may have had a champagne or two—handling.

Remote Control

Rather than trying to set (and keep) your camera settings on self-timer mode, why not purchase an inexpensive camera remote control for your big day? They are extremely inexpensive and incredibly user friendly – it would certainly be an awesome way for groups to get full photos without leaving one person out of the shot, and it can be super fun to see how people try (or don’t try!) to conceal the remote control in the photos! It’s a nice detail that will make things much easier for everyone if you can make it happen.


A cute backdrop can make or break your photo booth! You can set it to match the general theme and aesthetic of the whole event or you can make it something a little more wild and sassy if you wanna get some variety in there. Solid colors or even textured backdrops tend to look the best, and are certainly the least distracting in large group photos, so if you’re not sure what to go with, it might be a good call to opt for something along those lines. If you want to go all out, you could make a full flower or paper chain wall to add some contrast and interest to the background without making it too busy.

A wedding couple posing with silly props


Props are one of the funnest aspects of a photo booth! Of course you can go for the themed bride-and-groom ones, but you can also go a little more off the beaten path if you’d like. A collection of strange hats, feather boas, and weird sunglasses always make for some entertaining options. A personal favorite is a chalkboard or two where guests can write their own captions or thought bubble responses – looking through those later is pretty much guaranteed to be a hilarious treat! Whatever you choose, just make sure there is a LARGE variety of options, it’d be a total bummer to have a sparse prop table when all of your friends want to get together for a big group shot!

Plenty of Signage

This might be one of the most important parts of all, because if people don’t know there’s a photo booth, they can’t use it! Make arrows pointing the way to the booth, include information in your programs or signs at the reception, or even appoint a bridesmaid or groomsman to be in charge of making sure people get over there. Especially if the booth is set up somewhere that’s not immediately in view to everyone at your event, it may get overlooked. You want to make sure you have photos of EVERYONE in that bright pink wig, don’t you?

No matter how you decide to settle the details for your photo booth, it can be a fun, entertaining, and hilarious addition to your wedding reception. And with just a few things in place, it can be a super easy thing to DIY for your big day!

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