How to Throw the Perfect Medieval Themed Wedding

Wedding rings resting on a sword

If you and your partner met at the Renaissance Faire or if you simply love stories about knights, dragons, and magic, consider having a medieval themed wedding. Your guests will love the atmosphere of a festive celebration, and you can select options that allow you to show your creativity along the way.

Wedding in an ornate church

Medieval Venues

An easy option for a medieval themed wedding is to choose an outdoor venue. Look for a park, garden, or even just a large backyard. Decorating with flowers can easily give off the atmosphere of a royal arboretum. If you want to create something a little more regal, find a local castle or wedding venue with castle-like features. Many areas have hotels or pirvate residences that resemble small castle and can be rented out for special events.

Another option is speaking with your local Renaissance Faire organizers. Some organizers are willing to rent space to host a wedding, which has the added perk of an amazing medieval marketplace scenery for your guests to explore afterward! You could also find a museum or historical monument with a large wooden room that looks like it is from another time.

Medieval themed banquet hall

Medieval Menu Options

Royal wedding foods of yesteryear would have included delicious venison, mutton, and lamb. The truth is that you can serve almost anything you like and still make it feel medieval. If you choose a family-style meal with wooden platters at long tables, you can easily evoke the feeling of a royal feast in the banquet hall. Almonds, meat pies, freshly-baked bread, mulled wine, fish, and cheeses were fancy and valuable foods at the time, along with anything that had substantial spicing, since spices were costly and came from faraway lands. Very fine and beautiful pastry and cakes were also made for special occassions. Review a few pictures of the kinds of cakes, pies, and fruit tarts that were popular desserts for inspiration for your own wedding feast.

Wedding dress with a low waist sash hanging

Medieval Outfits

There are plenty of options in women’s fashion that would pass for medieval bridesmaid’s dresses. The medieval look is still popular in both costumes and regular clothing design, but you may have to look for a specialty seamstress or tailor to find men’s outfits that fit the historical time period you want. You can look for a princess-line or drop waist dress in a regular bridal shop for your own gown, or you can work with a dressmaker who specializes in Renaissance-style gowns. There are also shops online that make custom-ordered bridal gowns for just such an occasion.

Special Renaissance-Era Details

  • If there is a chance to use parchment for the invitations, they make very authentic looking invites. Gold and silver also look very fancy and beautiful, either as ink or as accents on the invitations.

  • Use streamers, table runners, and other decorations you can find at costume stores or Halloween shops to create the look you want.

  • Instead of (or in addition to) wearing a veil, consider a medieval-style tiara or diadem, something small and delicate, but something still beautiful and distinct.

  • Consider hiring someone or having a friend or family member play the juggler, minstrel, or joke-telling “fool” and wander around the reception entertaining the guests with tricks, jokes, and songs.

Simple outdoor wedding ceremony in a medieval style

Rustic Medieval Alternative Theme

While most of these tips are oriented towards a “royal style” medieval theme wedding, another option is available. If you and your beloved like the idea of true simplicity, a rustic theme can be blended with the medieval theme for a peasant-style wedding. With simple, hearty food like stews, beans, and homemade breads, you can have a simple meal with a charming ceremony that emphasizes your love and commitment over the fancy trappings of the day. The only major decor might be a simple archway of flowers along with other DIY decorations that your and your friends make.

These kinds of weddings work well outdoors or in a barn venue. No matter how simple the design is, you can still have a wonderful party. Consider adding mead (a honey wine popular in the Middle Ages) to the other drinks you plan to serve. Have a lively musical group that plays historical music for dancing which can make the night fun and exciting.

Get Creative and Combine Wedding Themes

Don’t worry too much if the combination of wedding themes seems odd. After all, you are living in the modern world with lots of technology available. Being able to use a microphone is a really nice option to have. Focus on creating the vision that you want for your big day, rather than on perfectly recreating historic medieval times.

It’s a good idea to allow guests who don’t own medieval costumes to wear whatever they want if you want everyone to feel included. However, if your guests want to really follow the theme and dress in “period” costumes, help them find affordable and beautiful options for doing so! Just make sure your expectations are clear so that no one feels out of place for having come in modern dress.

Regardless of how you make your medieval theme wedding your own, it is sure to be a memorable experience and reflect the style you find romantic and beautiful about that bygone era.

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