I Can’t Believe They Did That at Their Wedding

A bride dances at her wedding

Weddings can range from a person having the best time in the world to a person having an “Oh, no, why is this happening?” moment… or ten! Sometimes it’s up to the bride and groom, but a lot of times, fate takes over and there’s nothing that can be done but wait out the problem and laugh the chaos off. In this day and age, people seem to be taking their weddings into their own hands with crazy stunts. Then there are those bad choices from the past that make us cringe. We have a lot of unbelievable wedding stories to go over, so let’s get started.

It Was the Ranch Dressing

Oh boy, people. Repeat after me: proper food preparation is important. Unfortunately, some catering companies follow this to the letter and some don’t. My own mother attended a wedding many years ago, and unfortunately, like many other guests, chose the ranch dressing. Little did she know the ranch had been sitting out all day and had gone bad. She and everyone else who ate the ranch came down with a terrible case of food poisoning. The bride and groom had to send out apologies to everyone and were super embarrassed. Eventually, officials got involved and called my mom to question her about the event. It was a mess, literally.

A Cute Commitment

How do you show your spouse you truly love him or her? With a lasting commitment of a different kind! Recently, news surfaced about a wedding where the groom surprised the bride with a new puppy. He began giving a speech and ended it by handing their new dog to his bride. Needless to say, there were tears. He won some major brownie points with that move.

Illustration of 80s fashion styles

Ah, the 80s

This story isn’t specific, but I just got distracted by all that tulle… what was I saying? Right, the 80s. Have you looked at your parents’ wedding pictures? Were they married in the 80s? If they were, try not to question their sanity. I’m sure what they picked out was very fashionable at the time, even if it makes them look like a rejected ninja turtle. Also, was peach the official color of the 80s? Because that color was everywhere: in bouquets, on dresses, in décor, oh, and don’t forget the peach spray tans. Yikes. Don’t even get me started on the bridesmaids. With hair so high, I’m surprised anyone could even notice the bride. If your parents were married in the 80s, give them a hug. They’ve been through so much.

The Bride Felt Good

Weddings are supposed to be fun. Not too fun, though. As the bride and groom, you’re expected to greet guests, say your vows, and oh, I don’t know, maybe be sober enough to function? This bride at a wedding a few years ago got sloppy drunk. It was painful to watch. She disappeared halfway through the reception and was later found in the hotel bar upstairs sitting on the floor with her shoes off. At least she was comfortable. You go, girl! Treat yourself.

You Don’t Eat When You Should

It always shocks me when couples don’t think of their vendors. Vendors are all those people whom the bride and groom have hired to make their day go off without a hitch like caterers, photographers, and DJs. These people need breaks and need to eat and be paid. I heard about a wedding where none of these things happened. The couple expected the vendors to work the entire night without being fed. Their reasoning was the vendors should have brought their own food. The wedding had a buffet also, with tons left over, but the vendors weren’t allowed to have any of it.

It’s one thing to go a little hungry, but at least the vendors were getting paid. Except they almost weren’t! This couple was nowhere to be found at the end of the night. Once the vendors went on a hunt through questioning Mother of the Bride and Father of the Bride, they found them. They were reluctant at first, but eventually paid them by digging through gifts. Learn from this story, and remember, vendors are people too -people who also like eating and being paid.

Disney Music All Day

I was recently at a wedding: very upscale, industrial-chic. The bride and groom are fairly serious people with adult tastes. During the dancing portion of the evening, the hired band broke out into a Disney song. At first it seemed as if they were doing one and done, “Let it Go” for the little kids at the reception and that’s it. But wait! They continued into an entire Disney medley, and and the bride and groom enjoyed it. It was a strange choice, but everyone else loved it!

Rude Guest that Won’t Leave

The worst and most unbelievable events at wedding always seem to stem from that one rude guest who can’t comprehend “no.” Last year at a wedding, one of the groomsmen’s notoriously troublesome girlfriends decided she didn’t like the bride. She worried about her boyfriend being around her, as if something would happen. When they were asked to go out for pictures at reception, she was left behind. This did not suit her one bit, and she made it known.

She started throwing a fit and slammed her glass down, shattering it all over the floor. When no one listened to her, she grabbed the groom’s arm and started yelling in his face. Finally the groom put her in her place and threatened to kick her out. She left for half hour, and when she returned, acted as if nothing had happened. Lucky for her, the bride never found out, as no one wanted to upset her. She behaved herself the rest of the night and the couple had a good time. That poor groomsman.

Man plays guitar and sings to his bride

Surprise Song

My cousin’s wedding a couple years ago was beautifully done. Located out in the country at a little cabin venue, it was rustically bohemian and charming. The ceremony began and seemed just like any other until it came time for vows. The bride’s vows were simple and sweet. Everyone was crying already.

When it was time for the groom’s vows, he paused and whispered to his groomsmen. A few seconds later his groomsmen handed him a guitar. He was going to sing his vows. Luckily he’s very talented. He felt his vows were better said through song. It was incredible and completely unfair to the audience. If everyone’s makeup was fine before, it certainly wasn’t now!

From the bad to the beautiful, there are so many memorable moments to be had at weddings. This is why we love weddings and cry and dance at them. It’s exhilarating to be a part of such monumental moments. What are your most unbelievable wedding stories? Can you top these?

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