Involving Infants in Wedding Ceremonies

A bride sits with a baby in her lap

They say you should never to work with babies or animals; this can feel especially true on your wedding day. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, so having that cute baby in the ceremony might be important to you. Managing infants in wedding ceremonies can be a tricky thing. Sometimes they’re the happiest little people on earth, but within seconds can change into scary monsters screaming their heads off. There are a few ways to include a baby in your wedding ceremony along with a few things to consider before bringing them up the aisle.

Be Prepared for Anything

Be ready for anything. You may think you’ve gotten everything planned out perfectly, but babies have a mind of their own. A baby’s mood can change instantly irregardless of the nap they had, the food they just ate, or the mood they were in that morning. Have someone on-call to rescue you and take the baby in case there is unpredictable behavior. If the baby is having a meltdown mid-ceremony, have someone swoop in and take them out of the room so that you can finish with less distraction and focus on the moment. No one is going to blame you.

A groom put the wedding ring on the bride's hand

Use a Toy to Distract the Baby

Babies seem to get bored easily. They might be in a quiet room with only an officiant talking, which is nothing like watching cartoons. Have someone to keep them occupied with toys or snacks. Of course, don’t bring toys that make noise. Perhaps choose to bring cars, dolls, or some other toys they love to play with at home. You know what keeps your child distracted, so bring their favorite toys and they’ll have just as much fun as you will during the ceremony.

Transporting the Baby During the Ceremony

Instead of carrying the baby up the aisle, using a wagon is a really cute way to bring the baby up to the altar. Someone pulls them along and they get a fun ride. It’s a cute little addition to the wedding for everyone involved. The problem is that they may not stay in the wagon throughout the ceremony. Have someone standing by ready to take the baby in case they start to crawl out of the wagon or get fussy while you exchange your vows. You can even pull the wagon over to the side and have someone hold the baby for the rest of the ceremony so the baby stays calm.

Hand the Baby off if There’s a Problem

Many brides love to carry their baby up the aisle as a symbol of family as they go into this new married life journey. It’s sweet and makes a great photograph, but the bride probably doesn’t want to stand with a baby in her arms the entire ceremony. A great way to alleviate arm fatigue is to hand the baby to a family member in one of the front rows as you step up to the altar. This gives you an option of handing the baby off to a person that can carry the baby out of the ceremony in case they get fussy. Have someone take the baby so you can enjoy one of the biggest moments of your life without distractions. Bring the baby to join your new family after the official kiss. You can carry the baby down the aisle as a new family and rejoice together.

A bride and groom stand at the wedding altar

Have a Baby Blessing

A wonderful way to incorporate your baby in the ceremony is with a blessing by the officiant. You can do this during your vows or right afterward to bless the entire new family. You can even incorporate a family hug and kiss instead of just kissing the bride. It’s really up to you and the officiant to decide how you would like to put the ceremony together. The officiant could say a special prayer for your family right before you walk down the aisle to start your new life together.

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