Is a Wedding Video Right for You?

Camera filming a wedding

The famous wedding video: touching music, guests sharing their well wishes, and some funny moments you’ll still laugh at years later. Strangely, even though we all know them, wedding videos aren’t very common. With everyone holding a camera in their hands a-la the modern cellphone, maybe videographers have become unnecessary. At a recent wedding, I even saw a video booth where guests control the message. With everything this day and age moving towards media we can watch, why aren’t videographers at every wedding? Some may feel a professional videographer isn’t for them, but why? We’ve gathered some talking points to chew on when considering a videographer. Look them over and decide for yourself whether a wedding video would be right for you.


Videographers can cost a pretty penny, especially if you want one with a certain aesthetic. Although they may be worth what they’re charging, will it be for you? And what if you end up hating the video? Let’s look at the worst case scenario: you get the video back and it’s horrible, you don’t feel it represents your day in the slightest. If you end up with a B film when you were looking for an A plus plus, you might feel like you wasted money that could’ve been spent on better things like that open bar. It’s one thing to not like your photos, guests will have snapped some that may work better, but you only get one wedding video.


You want to seriously think about your space and how many people you have in it. Some don’t want a videographer for the same reason they don’t want cellphones at their wedding: people getting in the way! You don’t want your photographer, or your guests for that matter, to be blocked. Your ceremony may be beautiful and it will be gorgeous on film, but does that really matter if you’ve got so many people documenting it that no one can actually enjoy it in the moment?

Couple talking with a wedding vendor

Finding the One

How do you find the right videographer? You’re spending a lot of money to have your day immortalized through film. How do you ensure your video does you justice? A good way to start is online doing research. Check out the artists’ previous work and see if their artistic eye matches yours. You want to try and find out whether they have a good customer service rating as well so you know you can trust them to take the lead. You’re going to have your hands full with everything else, you can’t be directing the videographer too. Reach out and have a conversation with your potential picks to make sure they understand what you want and that they’re someone you’ll be comfortable around on the big day.

Are You Overcompensating?

Are videographers necessary at your wedding? Many people opt in for a videographer at larger weddings with more ground to cover. In this case your photographers might miss some specific people and moments you want captured. However, consider whether you’re just being overzealous. Guests can film themselves and tag you on Instagram for instance, removing the need for a video if guest quotes is what you’re mainly concerned with getting.

The Beauty of It All

When done right, wedding videos are a beautiful thing. Have you ever watched a stranger get married and cry because the video was so touching? The aesthetics of the film are going to be leagues better than any guest-shot mini films. You may decide not to go with a videographer, but if you do you gain a wonderful piece of art that, if you shopped around correctly, perfectly captures you and your partner’s tastes.

Guests at a wedding being silly

Providing a Platform

No one hams it up like someone in front of a camera. A videographer gets people talking. Guest’s personalities and true thoughts will be spilt to the stranger filming them. It’s a fantastic thing that you can watch, laugh, and cry at later. You might decide to hire a videographer just for this reason. A wedding film captures guest thoughts and emotions in a way pictures simply don’t.

What Kind Are You?

What kind of person are you? Are you the kind that thinks wedding videos are kind of tacky or do you sob at them? Will a videographer annoy you on your big day or will you love to have this film keepsake? There’s something to be said for a nice wedding video versus just photos. Photos hold a moment, videos extend that moment out longer so you can really get a feel for the day. This of course depends on the editing and general feel your videographer gives the video itself. Is this video truly something you will cherish or will you forget you have it, begrudging the space it’s taking up? Weigh out cost versus personal gain and make your decision from there.

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