Is John Cena and Nikki Bella’s Wedding Back On?

John Cena and Nikki Bella interview on the Today Show

They’re a power couple that got engaged in front of thousands of people. They seem too good to be true… and they may just be. WWE Champion and movie star John Cena and WWE Diva Nikki Bella have been together on and off for six years. They were all set to wed in May 2018 when something fell apart. Lately however, it seems like they’re back together and planning their next steps. What went wrong? What’s going right? And will they make it down the aisle this time?

John Cena and Nikki Bella WWE Proposal

An Uncertain Wedding

Cena and Bella knew one another years before going on a date. Afterall, they are both stars in the world of WWE so the circle isn’t too big. Soon they moved in together, but there was a catch. Cena gave Bella a contract to sign, sort of like a pre-nup for living together. He also put all his cards on the table telling her he would not have children. Bella was very open on her show, MTV’s Total Bellas, about wanting to be a mom and even going to therapy to deal with the fact she might not ever have that chance if she stayed with Cena.

The big proposal went down after the couple won at Wrestlemania 33. It was beautiful and perfect to the outside eye. Bella’s show was ready to cover the entire wedding. And then it somehow fell apart. Cena spoke highly of Bella in public appearances. He went on the Today Show proclaiming his love and support for her after the break up. She admitted on Total Bellas that this left her confused as they hadn’t spoken in person. Many believed one of the main reasons they cancelled the wedding was Cena’s decision not to have children. As this all unfolded, Cena proclaimed he would have a reverse vasectomy to save the relationship and start a family.

Was the Breakup Real?

The most shocking thing that came from the entire debacle could be that the couple never truly broke up, or they never really got back together either. Nikki’s twin sister, Brie, came out publicly to say the romance is not fake and they did not break up for the show. Sources say they had to give up deposits for their May wedding and the show had to change its storyline for them.

On the other hand, the best drama is played out in front of an audience. It’s like watching a reality show in true form as the couple works through their differences to come back together. A happy couple just planning a wedding doesn’t always make for good TV. Soap operas reel in millions of viewers each day for this very reason. People like to be entertained by the drama of others. Most couples just don’t have their biggest fights and make the biggest decisions of their lives on camera. Their backup plan could have been to cover the couple in the aftermath anyway. However, both Cena and Bella swear it’s all real and they really are working on their relationship.

A couple hugging and smiling

Communication is the Key to Relationships

Before getting engaged and preparing to spend the rest of your life with someone, it’s imperative you have the talk about what you both want for the future. Too many couples fall apart thinking the other will change their views on big life decisions. If a significant other doesn’t want children or doesn’t want to work, decisions like these need to be all out on the table. Sometimes people change their minds as they grow and change while other times people get stuck in their ways and refuse to budge. This can lead to a gap in the marriage that cannot be mended and could lead to divorce.

In this case, sources say Cena’s vasectomy was something he wasn’t ready to reverse. While Bella wanted children in the future, his mind was decided. If sources are correct, after they broke off the engagement they really hit the conversation hard and knew they wanted to still be together. Cena then decided he would reverse his vasectomy to have children in the future. If this conversation and love was recognized earlier, they wouldn’t have to go through all of this heartache. Communicating with your future spouse is one of the most important things about your life together. Without communication too much important information falls through the cracks leading to conflict.

No one knows exactly what the future holds for the two lovebirds. Many believe they have enough love to stay together forever despite their different opinions on life. Others believe it’s simply too much to work through. John Cena and Nikki Bella live their life in the spotlight, and so every move they make is scrutinized and/or glorified. The two probably need some time alone, away from the cameras, to truly make some life changing decisions together. Whatever they decide, their fans will be watching and hoping for a fairy tale wedding for the wrestling couple.

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