It’s a Disaster! 6 Ways Summer Can Ruin Your Wedding

Rainy wedding day

The minister was stuck waiting for the flood waters to recede. The maid of honor’s flight was delayed due to multiple storm warnings. Tornado sirens blared in the distance. The popular summer wedding dream of bright sunshine and blooming flowers quickly became a nightmare, but the show must go on. That wedding was the one of a sweet young bride in 1974, my mother, whom ended up getting married and living happily ever after. The minister was a little late, the maid of honor barely had time to throw her dress on and run down the aisle, and the guests carried umbrellas covering their damp hair. Even though summer is considered the nicest time of year, this season with still try to throw a wrench in your big day. We’re here to help you avoid and work with the sudden disasters that could ruin your perfect summertime wedding.

1. Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain hitting an umbrella

Try as you might, you can’t predict the weather when you set your wedding date a year ahead. The seemingly perfect setting under a tree standing in front of seated guests in a garden area full of flowers can quickly turn to a melting pot full of torrential rain during sudden summer storms. Even the Farmer’s Almanac can be wrong months before the wedding so you must always prepare for rain when getting married outdoors by having a backup arrangement. Choose a place at the same venue with shelter as your plan B. It might not be your ideal place to say your vows, but it’s much better than standing in the rain and mud.

2. Pesty Pests

Don’t you love the feeling of bugs nibbling on your legs in the summer heat? Nope? Neither will your wedding guests. Hot, moist air lures the pests to find any piece of skin they can. They fly through the air threatening to ruin your perfect updo and just wait for you to stop so they can take another bite of flesh. Fight these pests with bug spray and citronella candles. Spray seats and provide bottles for your guests to use. This gives them the option to keep pests away themselves and lets them know you are thinking of their well being. Then, light citronella candles and bug-repelling lamps and place them as decoration throughout the reception. There are many different options available so you should be able to find some that match your decor.

3. Make-Up Meltdown

After the bride and/or bridesmaids spend hours on the perfect make-up, the worst thing that can possibly happen is for the heat to ruin it completely. The sun heats up, you get a little shiny and before you know it, mascara and blush streak down your face. You can beat the madness of a meltdown a few simple ways. Carry a handkerchief or something to gently blot your face when you feel the heat. Have someone in the wedding party carry a personal size fan to keep you refreshed at all times. Also, always have your make-up near in case you need to reapply mascara that seems to disappear or faded lipstick.

4. The Kinks and Frizz Come to Life

Frizz, messy hair

Summer isn’t only about heat. What about the lovely areas that bring the dreaded humidity along with the heat? That special thing that either kinks your hair in strange way, brings the frizz to life, or makes your hair flatter than a pancake? Many couples takes great pride in making themselves look absolutely perfect for their wedding, down to a picturesque hairdo. Frizz and kinks won’t cut it. So, make sure you talk with whomever is doing your hair to ensure no matter what, it isn’t moving. You don’t want your hair to look like a helmet either, so make sure there is happy medium. Usually in humid conditions, long hair works best in an elegant updo so most of the pieces are pinned down. Loose, flowing hair can be a battle. Hairspray will be your best friend to combat humidity if you are wearing your hair down. For short hair, a little bit of hairspray will likely be all you need unless you hair unruly curls to tame.

5. Wilting Flowers

Warmer weather makes you think of bright blossoms and fun flowers. However, the thing you forget is that extreme heat kills flowers. Wilting will destroy your bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower decor quickly if you’re not careful, wasting all that money you spent. So, if you’re concerned, as your florist for help. They will know how to store flowers to keep them bright and happy all day long. They may ask when you aren’t using your bouquets to place them in a pail of water to give them a quick refresher. You can also choose blooms like lilies and orchids that withstand heat much better than other varieties Your florist may also ask that someone be on hand to spray the flower decorations to keep them from wilting during the ceremony and reception.

6. A Pile of Cake

Many guests await with baited breath to dive into the wedding cake. If that cake melts and becomes a pile of icing, those guests might not be as excited and you will be heartbroken that the money spent on your vision was wasted. Most bakers store their cakes in a refrigerated area until it is time for the cake to be served to battle a melting mess. Bakers will also use fondant instead of buttercream icing for hotter temperatures; however, some people don’t like the taste of fondant so this will be a risk you take when opting for buttercream.

If the reception is outdoors, hold off on setting the cake out from the beginning. Avoid the hot mess by just displaying the cake during the first part of the reception when guests are standing around chatting eating cheese and sipping wine. The cut the cake right after this, early. Until you set it out, just make sure your cake is stored elsewhere in a place with a low temperature.

Summer may look stunned in wedding photos, but this time of year can be as much of a burden as any other. Pick your poison and prepare for the worst so you always come out of wedding day disasters on top!

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