It’s the Worst Case Scenario! What Do You Do?

Stressed bride

Everyone’s biggest wedding day fear: the complete and utter chaos when something major goes wrong. Maybe the catering company got the wrong address and can’t make it or someone spills wine on your dress à la Sex and The City. Whatever the issue, there are tips and tricks that can help you save the day and keep you from losing it. It is your wedding day after all; the last thing you want to be doing is running around snuffing fires (hopefully not literally). If disaster strikes however, keep these guidelines in mind.

Disaster Preparedness

One of the biggest ways to deal with a disaster is to prep for one before the wedding day. One great way to do this is to concoct a list of people who will be there that you trust to handle issues. This way, if something goes wrong you know exactly who to find to help you. Don’t forget to let the people on your list know they are on it! They are now sitting in the exit row of the plane and they need to be warned that if disaster should occur, they need to be prepared to take on emergency crew duties.

Bride and family

Seriously, don’t be afraid to lean on friends and family. Most people will help if they can. They are there in the first place to celebrate you and no one wants you to be unhappy! You need to know when to ask for help and your wedding day is not the day to feel like a burden. It’s not solely up to you to fix every little problem. With the right support, even a major disaster can feel like a minor bump in the road.

Another way to be prepared is to create a disaster kit. You can put all sorts of things in this, like extra fabric from your dress or stain remover. You never know what can go wrong, and although that thought is frightening, having supplies on hand can ease a lot of those worries.

Wedding Planners, AKA Disaster Fighters

Wedding planner and bride

Hiring a wedding planner is one way to ensure your wedding will be handled. Unless the wedding planner is JLo (watch the movie Wedding Planner if you haven’t already), they should be your savior no matter the problem. It’s especially important to have them there most of the day, not just for set up. Sometimes everything looks great early on, but problems can arise later. Of course, if you’re not doing a wedding planner that’s fine, but it really is helpful, especially if you’re the type to stress out easily.

If you’re not having a wedding planner, you can always hire a day-of coordinator instead. Yes, there is such a thing. This coordinator will help with set up, the craziest part, and may even stay for some of the rest of the wedding. This way you don’t have to fully commit to budgeting for a wedding planner, but still have a professional making sure everything goes according to plan.

The Three Main Disaster Areas

Wardrobe Malfunction

Repairing button

When it comes to a wedding, the outfits are very important, so when beads pop off a dress or a hem comes loose, it can feel like the end of the world. The first thing to do if you have a fashion faux pas is to gather all the materials you will need to fix the problem. A hole or a popped button will feel much easier to handle once you have your supplies. Try to fix the problem as best you can. The best thing to do is obviously find someone with sewing knowledge to help, so ask around!

Photo Disaster

Let’s say your photographer gets the day wrong and doesn’t show up. A little prep can help with this issue. Before your day, tell your best photographer friend or family member to bring their camera as back up. That way if anything happens, they can snap the important photos at least.

Food Disaster

Your caterer is running super behind and guests are staring to grumble; what do you do? First, bring in cocktails until the food is ready. That way at least people will have something to sip on. If food isn’t coming at all, try to find an alternative last minute or suggest that your guests go somewhere nearby to eat and come back. Go with the best option here, even if that means McDonald’s. When people are hungry, they’d rather eat fast food than nothing.

Tips and Tricks

Solve any problems as quickly as you can but don’t rush and panic. You don’t want to ruin your look by running around like crazy. Panic won’t help anyway. It sounds so simple, but staying calm really is the best start to solving a major issue.


Figure out what’s going on before you act. This can prevent you leaping from one to one-hundred over a bridesmaid’s shoe breaking.

Announce what’s going on. Don’t leave your guests in the dark. This will only cause worried chatter and annoyance. Most likely, people have noticed, so it’s better to just address the issue cheerfully, and move on. Also, don’t make your guests suffer because things aren’t working out. For instance, if your caterer is running behind on one dish, don’t hold back the rest of the food. You don’t want the meal to be one course short, but in the end, your guests are starving. It’s better to let things be a bit different than you pictured than allow your guests to suffer the mistake.

Don’t get mad; it’s hard not to, but this is your special day! They screwed up, not you. Don’t let them make you mad on your day. If someone needs a stern talking to, assign this task to someone else. Make sure you have a solution, that it will be taken care of, and then move away physically and mentally. As long as you enlist the help of someone competent, whom you trust, it will be fine.

It can be said in life that the more you dwell on a problem, the worse it gets. The same is also (extremely) true when it comes to weddings. They are ultra stressful. You’re basically planning a huge event that all your friends and family will be attending. This is great, except in the case that any wrench is thrown in the plan. Or at least that’s how it seems! However, no matter the problem, your day will still be about you and your partner and the love you share. Take a deep breath and try to remember this as you freak out. Breathe, and face whatever catastrophes wait for you on your big day knowing that nothing can take away the love you share.

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