Must-Have Items for Every Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding reception with tables and wood chairs.

Planning an outdoor wedding takes a lot of coordination and a bit of hope that the weather holds out. While no one can predict the weather ahead of time, you can definitely plan ahead to ensure you have all the right items no matter what the situation. Outdoor weddings definitely require certain items to make them a success—and some might not come to mind right away when you’re planning the details. Have everything on the list below ready for your big day and you and your guests will enjoy every moment of your outdoor wedding.

Bug Spray

If you’re getting married in a warm location near any sort of woods or water, you’ll want to have bug spray for your guests to use. Put some in their welcome bags or have baskets with a few spray bottles of bug spray in them around your event for convenient access. Bug spray that contains DEET is usually the best option and repels the most insects. For good measure, light some citronella candles around the area to keep bugs at bay.


To go with the bug spray, also have some SPF on hand in easy-to-use spray bottles for your outdoor event. Chances are that guests will forget to bring their own, and you don’t want an uncomfortable sunburn taking away from your party.


A table at a wedding reception with a bottle of water and goblets.

If your event is taking place under the hot sun, you’ll want to ensure that guests have more than enough water to stay hydrated! Have mini water bottles at each place setting and have a large beverage dispenser (or several) for guests to use to serve themselves water. To make this more of a fancy touch, infuse the water with different fruits or herbs.

Lawn Games

Part of the fun associated with having an outdoor wedding is that you and your guests can enjoy this unique environment. To give everyone the maximum enjoyment, include fun items such as lawn games for guests to take advantage of. This could be something like croquet, corn hole, giant Jenga, or even a badminton net.


As your guests dance their way into the night, you may want to have some cozy blankets on hand in case the temperature takes a dip. Have big baskets with these readily available and around seating so guests can keep warm and enjoy the setting. To really take this touch up a notch, have blankets boast your new monogram. This makes these a fun keepsake after the big day and a great item to use for a photo-op at your wedding.

Adequate Lighting

A tree at an outdoor wedding with lanterns hanging off the branches.

As the sun sets on your outdoor event, don’t leave guests struggling to see as they enjoy your party. Ensure that you have adequate lighting so that everyone can comfortably navigate the space long after the stars dot the sky. Use lanterns, mason jars with tea lights, or string lights to provide enough light to allow everyone good visibility while leaving the romantic mood.


Every event has to have bathrooms, but if you’re planning your wedding to be completely outdoors, this might be something for you to think about. Talk with your venue about whether or not they provide bathrooms or if this will be a rental item to consider. If they do provide bathrooms, verify that they also provide soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. This may seem like a crazy thing to inquire about, but it’s definitely worth doing your homework on.

Extension Cords

Navigating the outdoor electronics of your wedding can be tricky. To ensure that your entertainment is able to go off without a hitch, discuss ahead of time with your venue what is needed to provide the appropriate electrical power. Have a few extension cords on hand for the big day to make sure that there’s no lapse in power.


A sign at a wedding reception with arrows pointing to the areas like the cocktail hour, photo zone, and ceremony.

One thing about outdoor weddings is that they could cause confusion for guests as to what is taking place where. Have enough signage denoting the ceremony, cocktail hour, the bar, and so on to naturally direct guests in the right direction for the entirety of your event. This item also serves as décor, so get creative with it!


Have some heavy duty tape on hand to secure any wires to avoid a tripping hazard. The last thing you’ll want is someone taking a preventable tumble as they make a beeline for the dance floor! Tape can also come in handy for securing other things as well. It’s a good item to have on hand in general!

Weights for the Wind

The wind could quickly turn your event into a bit of a disaster. Ensure you have items that will serve as weights to keep napkins and tablecloths in place. This could be anything from decorative rocks to tablecloth clips specifically designed for this purpose.

Outdoor weddings are fun and exciting for all, and they definitely incorporate nature into your big day. Be prepared for the elements and allow your guests to enjoy the setting by having all the necessary items on hand.

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