Party Animals: How to Rent Animals for Your Ceremony

Couple holding doves

Are you an animal lover? Are you looking for a way to add some unique excitement to your wedding ceremony or reception? If you don’t want to bring your own animal best friends to be a part of the event, why not consider including animals another way? Here are a few options to look into if you plan to feature animals in your festivities!

A Local Shelter

Contact a local shelter in your area and see if they may be willing or able to help bring some furry friends to your event, especially if you’d be willing to help them use the event/photos/etc. as a way to help get those little ones adopted into forever homes! It’s not a particularly traditional option, so some shelters may not be able to do it, but it can’t hurt to make a few phone calls and ask! And how amazing would it be if your wedding gave homes to shelter animals who need them. Truly awesome!


Couple riding camels

There are also several websites that can help facilitate specific animal rentals for your celebration! You just have to look.

You may have seen the incredible images from the wedding where the bride and groom rented llamas (and dressed them up in just the cutest formal attire!) for their ceremony! Are you looking to do that, too? Rojo the Llama is the website for you to check out! Rojo the Llama, a part of Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas, will let you rent a llama (or an alpaca, if you’d rather!) the help celebrate special events—including weddings! The animals are totally friendly and absolute pros when it comes to attending events. And even better, any proceeds from special events like these actually goes directly to their Therapy and Education program, so you’re helping a great cause, too!

Llamas not what you had in mind? How about a monkey? Mindy the Monkey, to be exact! Mindy is a fully-trained animal ambassador who’s a seasoned pro at live entertainment for people of all ages! She’s part of an organization called Animal Rentals, whose main mission is to educate people on conservation and preservation. And if Mindy just isn’t enough, Animal Rentals also has live animal shows featuring exotic animals and is happy to tailor the show to your specific event and needs!

Or, if you’d like something a little closer to traditional, you may want to consider including a butterfly release in your ceremony! People like The Butterfly Release Company help provide a safe, beautiful way for you and your guests to release live butterflies from individual envelopes at some point during your wedding! This is a less expensive yet truly gorgeous way to include animals in your wedding with more subtlety, if that’s what suits you and your partner best.

Animal Talent Agency

If live animal shows just aren’t your thing or you’re looking for a more specific, tailored animal presence at your wedding, seeking out an agency like All Tame Animals Animal Talent Agency might be the perfect choice for you! Many agencies feature an absolutely massive array of different species that might be exactly what you’re looking for! In general, they have everything from domestic animals like dogs and cats, to exotic animals, farm animals, birds, and even reptiles and insects! Generally these animals are used as models for print ads or trained animals for stage productions, so they have a much higher price tag than some of the other listed options, but it is possible to hire them for your event if you’d like to! Just make sure to research the agency you might want to work with, their practices, professional handlers, and their work to know if they will be a good fit.

The Zoo

Wedding at a zoo

All right, so the zoo might not allow you to actually rent any specific animals, but many zoos and aquariums will allow you to have your event right on their grounds! Talk about animals galore! Many locations are fully equipped for celebrations of this sort and will have several space options that will allow you to be nearest to your favorite animals during your celebration! This is also a great option if you just simply can’t choose which creature you’d most like to have for your big day; why choose when you can have them all, right?

Including animals in your wedding can add an exciting, unique element that people will surely be talking about for years to come! Given the many options available—and the help of the internet!—you should be able to find the perfect fit for you and your sweetheart’s perfect celebration!

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