Planning Accommodations for Traveling Guests

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A wedding is often the party of the year for many people. It provides them an event where they can let loose, drink, eat free, and hang out with loved ones. It can also be a stressful event where they worry about travel accommodations and spending too much money. Don’t fret, as the host you don’t have to worry about fixing all of their stresses, but you can step in and help guests traveling to your wedding save money and find a place to stay.

Reserve a Block of Rooms

Many hotels let you reserve a block of rooms at a discounted rate for weddings. Sometimes they requires that you have the reception there, but many will let you reserve a block either way because it often brings them loads of business. Just think, if you had ten couples each reserve a room in the block, the hotel rakes in hundreds of dollars and each one. Your guests get a discounted rate and get to stay near other guests, the hotel books an entire wing for one event, and you get the satisfaction of knowing everyone is happy.

Don’t Leave Out Airbnb

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Airbnb is often a perfect choice for groups of friends or family members traveling. Many locations offer about the same prices as hotels with added features. You can rent out luxurious houses, cute little cottages or simple apartments. You get to stay with loved ones and have a place all to yourself instead of sharing a common area with other hotel guests.

Include Travel Accommodations on Save-the-Dates

Your Save-the-Dates should go out as early as possible to give potential guests time to do their own research to find the best possible rates for traveling. Make sure to include any hotels where you already have a block of rooms, an Airbnb option, or any other accommodations you can think of. Your guests may decide to make your wedding an extended vacation so they can start planning their own little retreat. Basically, the earlier you can get out your Save-the-Dates, the better.

Offer Different Levels of Hotel Accommodations

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If you decide to forego a block of rooms at a certain hotel, you can still research your area and give your guests options for accommodations. Remember room prices fluctuate depending on the time of year you’re getting married and depending on the day of the week. Always call to see when the peak times are at hotels before you put actual cost of rooms on your wedding website.

You’ll want to research different price tiers as well. Offer one expensive hotel ranging $250 and up. Guests who want to live it up in luxury and need a sauna in their bedroom will book these rooms. Sometimes the bigger chain hotels give guests points for booking so they can even use their rewards to grab a room with all the bells and whistles. Also suggest a hotel that books rooms for about $150 for guests that want to splurge, but still have room in their pocketbook for more fun. And finally, put up an option for those on a budget that rents rooms for less than $150. These are for guests that just want a clean place to sleep and a cool shower after a long night of partying.

Offer Your House

You can’t offer your house to every guest coming to the wedding or you might be in big trouble, but if you have guests that you know can’t afford the trip or are close enough you feel comfortable offering them your bed, go ahead and do it. You might want to do it discreetly, so you don’t have every great aunt and random cousin knocking on your door to save a buck.

Suggest Airfare Secrets

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Booking airfare as early as possible is usually imperative to getting a great rate. Watch for sales that pop up on your social media from popular airlines and quickly share them with guests. Buying on certain days can actually save you money as well. Tuesday afternoon is usually the best time to book on airline websites as they offer the best prices during their slumps in sales.

Destination Wedding Etiquette

Just because you’re getting married on a beautiful tropical island doesn’t mean you’re expected to pay for all of your guests to come. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than a normal wedding, which is why they get a little more out of it! At a destination wedding, guests will often be invited to the rehearsal dinner as well as brunch and other fun events that are normally only for wedding party members. Destination venues also usually provide free flowing alcohol without extra cost. It’s customary for guests to pay their own way because they are getting a good deal and often take the opportunity to bundle in their own vacation. Just remember to try to keep costs reasonable for your friends and family if you want them to be able to attend.

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