Popular Spring Flowers to Use in Your Wedding Bouquet

A bride wearing a pink dress and carrying a bouquet of pastel tulips.

Spring is coming—even if it feels like it never will where you live. If you’re getting married this spring, the wedding won’t truly celebrate the season without some beautiful spring flowers. While there are many flowers that bloom right after the snow melts and temperatures begin to warm, availability is not always what you may expect. Here’s some tips on choosing spring flowers for your wedding and some key players you may want to consider.

Know Your USDA Climate Zone

The best way to decide which spring flowers you can utilize to craft the perfect wedding is to know your USDA climate zone. Knowing the zone of your wedding venue will give you insight into which flowers will be available to you on the date of your wedding. Some flowers peak in early spring or late spring—but this timing could be slightly different depending on your zone. You can find your zone through a simple online search or ask your florist for their expertise.

Get the Flowers You Want

A groom and bride holding a bouquet with an assortment of colors including orange and dark blue.

There are many beautiful spring flowers, but what if your spring wedding isn’t necessarily spring-themed? Let’s say you’re not going for the ultra pastel, soft spring-y look. What then? Believe it or not, there are some flowers blooming around this time that are jewel toned. If you’re trying to build a theme around a color like bright orange or lime green, you can always talk to your florist for different options.

Don’t Forget Fillers

Even if you’re not convinced spring flowers are for you, there are still ways to tailor these flowers to your specific needs. The best way to make something fit into a color scheme or theme is to use the right filler flowers. There are many types of fillers available all year that can help offset the pastels and softness of spring flowers. If you want the softness to stand out, however, there are filler flowers for that as well (think baby’s breath).

Popular Spring Flowers for Your Wedding

Here are some flowers typically available during the spring in most climate zones. Make a note to talk to your florist about the best way to utilize these on your wedding day.


This is a quintessential spring flower. If you’re going for a soft, spring look, a daffodil is your go-to. The beautiful and classic yellow color of these flowers are perfect for taking center stage in any type of arrangement. With their lovely long stems and perfect form, daffodils are blooms you can truly count on.


This is another flower with a strong association to spring. Tulips are very versatile with their impressive range of colors and long stems, making them good for a variety of bouquets and arrangements. You’ll notice these flowers are everywhere during the springtime and even featured in spring festivals. If you want your wedding to scream spring, tulips are your best bet.


A bouquet of pink hyacinth flowers.

Long stems with deep purples, blues, and pinks make hyacinths perfect in many spring wedding color palettes.


The nice thing about these spring flowers are their length. Forsythia grow in yellow bunches along long branches, making them perfect for large table arrangements rather than a typical bridal bouquet.


The primrose is a small spring flower variety. It comes in multiple colors and grows in small bunches.


A bouquet of lilacs next to a brass mirror and wedding rings in a bowl of blueberries.

Lilacs can be a bit problematic with timing, but if you can get them, they’re absolutely stunning in spring arrangements. (And smell great, too!)


These popular flowers technically bloom in spring, even if it’s late spring. Depending on your climate zone, you may be able to get azaleas for your spring wedding if you’re lucky.


These tiny blooms are best used in corsages or boutonnieres, but come in handy if you live in a colder climate. Crocuses can even grow up through snow! They mostly arrive featuring yellows, purples, and whites.

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