Post-Wedding Digital Photo Albums

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Photographs from your wedding hold some of the most special moments of your big day frozen in time. Years ago it took weeks and weeks to even see these photos, let alone share them with loved ones. These days you can share your favorite photos instantly with a click of a mouse. There’s literally hundreds of ways to share photos through websites and phone apps. We’ve listed some of the most simple, free, and easy places to create post-wedding digital photo albums.


Facebook is arguably the most popular website to reach all friends and family in one place. Millions of users scroll through Facebook every day and it provides the perfect place to upload photos so everyone you love gets to view them. You simply upload your wedding photos to a Facebook album. You can tag everyone you wish in the photos so it will show up in their account as well. You can easily share the link from the album to loved ones that don’t regularly check Facebook or for those to view that don’t have an account. You can also create a group where friends and family can share their own snapshots for all to see. If you don’t wish to create a group, try adding a wedding hashtag everyone can add to their photos so all photos associated with that hashtag will pop up when selected. The only downside to Facebook is you cannot upload in high resolution so you might lose quality when trying to print large photos.

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Cluster is the best photo storage option when you want to keep photos in a secure group. You can invite as many guests as you’s like to join the group your photos are stored in via email. Anyone in the group can upload and share the photos on Cluster. However, once uploaded, you cannot edit photos or change their order.


WedPics is a free app where anyone can upload photos to an album for all to see. You can invite guests via Facebook or email using a custom URL. The best thing about this app is you have unlimited storage so you can place thousands of photos on the app without fear of running out of space. Even if your guest doesn’t have a smartphone, WedPics allows you to upload photos to the web. You even get the chance to use fun filters and post comments on the snaps.


Flickr has been around for a few years and is gaining in popularity as it rolls along. It is one of the world’s most popular photo sharing sites. It’s the perfect place to create a wedding group and ask all guests to upload photos from the day in that group. You can easily use the links provided for loved ones that don’t have the app. The best thing about using Flickr is it stores your photos at the highest resolution possible. This means no matter how big the file, it won’t smash it into a smaller resolution. You are also given a crazy amount of free space at 1TB.

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This is one of the easiest places to put files because it syncs to all devices. Once you’ve downloaded Dropbox on a computer, you can drag all of your photo files on a jump drive or DVD easily into your Dropbox folder. The photos are then copied to your online Dropbox folder and/or your app as well. It works quickly and easily. You can then link the files elsewhere to view online. Dropbox doesn’t have an option to tag or edit photos as it is used primarily for storing and sharing.


Store all your photos in the perfect “time capsule” with Capsule. You can use the smart phone app or website to upload images. Capsule allows invited members to view all images and share them among other guests. It also provides you with a link to share on other social media accounts for anyone to see all the photos. One unique feature of Capsule is you can send group texts to the customized link so everyone invited can read the information. Only members can see and share images and view the texts or comments.

Wedding Photo Swap

Wedding Photo Swap isn’t totally free, but makes this list because it gives you a free trial. This is an app where you can easily post and share photos directly to and from apps. The photos are stored in the highest resolution possible so you can print amazing photos with the files. Each guest is given a customized login giving them control over which images they see and allow others to see. The part of the app that is free allows you up to 100Mb of photo storage within a six month period.

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Instagram is more about sharing photos than storing them, but you could use it as a place to simply upload your entire wedding album if you wish. Instagram is the best place for hashtags to make their home. Once anyone uploads a photo with your special hashtag, it’s saved there forever. The site allows unlimited uploads and storage. You also get to use all of the fun, wild filters to make your pictures look really unique. Make sure to tag people in photos so it shows up on their account as well.

Google Photos

Google Photos started as just a place where you backed up photos. It’s grown in the past few years into a great place to not only share and store photos, but also to edit them. Once you upload a photo, it’s right there waiting to be cropped and edited. You can place photos in albums and easily share with anyone whether they have Google Photos or not. The best thing about Google Photos is you are offered unlimited space. Photos can be stored with a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels so you might lose some quality when trying to print images.


Photobucket offers a great place to store and share photos. You can get up to 2GB of space for free. This allows you to upload and share thousands of pictures. The best thing about Photobucket is it allows you tag photos as well as organize them into many different albums. Tags are great because you can simply type in a word and all photos associated with that tag pop up. It’s just as easy to share files with loved ones whether they have a login or not.

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