Pros and Cons of a Halloween Wedding

Zombie bride and groom

What’s better than Halloween? With jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and scary movies—and don’t forget candy—what’s not to like?

While you may love the holiday, do you love it enough to theme your wedding around it? Some say yes, even inviting their guests to wear costumes instead of formal wear. But are you still on the fence? We have some some pros and cons you should look over. Think about what’s best for you and your partner and take these points into account.


So Many Ideas

With Halloween as the theme, your wedding practically plans itself! Everything you want to eat, do, or decorate can be found in the traditions of the holiday. You want games? Think about normal party games like bobbing for apples or a ghostly glow-in-the-dark ring toss. Décor? Look anywhere for options; pumpkins for drink and candle holders, black cats and hanging bats. You can go as crazy as you want, shopping all the Halloween stores just after the holiday for deals! Every idea you could ever need is wrapped into the holiday for your convenience.

Pumpkin decor

Halloween Cocktails

Speaking of theme ideas, there are many awesome Halloween cocktails to make part of your reception menu. There are brain shots, black widow martinis, and Bloody Marys. Your guests will love the creative ideas. Nothing gets people in the spirit quite like a nice brain shot. A lot of these drinks aren’t hard to make either. Just make sure they’re delicious and your guests are sure to be wowed.


Just as important as wowing your guests is ensuring they have a great time. Letting guests dress up in their Halloween gear is a great way to make sure fun is had. Just think about all the different ideas your guests will come up with. You’re sure to win points by allowing everyone to show their creative side. Not only will it help people loosen up for things like dancing, costumes can also encourage your guests to talk to each other by creating badges of mutual interests.

Halloween costumes


Forget costumes, what about bride and groom fashion? This is another great reason to consider a Halloween-themed wedding. The bridal Halloween fashion possibilities alone are extensive. You could go creepy with a dark dress, or even dress up perhaps as the Corpse Bride or Lydia from Beetlejuice. Grooms can be the Jack to a Sally a-la Nightmare Before Christmas, or simply add Halloween accessories to a dark suit. Think about how fun dressing up will be for you as the couple!


Too Much Fun

What do we mean by too much fun? Well, sometimes a crazy theme can distract from the actual meaning of the day. Games and costumes might make the whole day feel more like a Halloween party than a wedding. You may find yourself competing for attention. If you’re worried about this, the full Halloween wedding experience might not be for you.


Some themes can get so big they look gaudy. You don’t want your wedding to be cheesy and with a wedding theme like Halloween, it can be easy to go too far. If you want a sophisticated look, you’ll have to be extra careful to choose only classic items when you shopping around for your aesthetic. Consider whether you’re going to be happy with the overall look once you finish filling your venue with witches and ghosts.

Halloween decor

Regrets Are Scary

What will you think of the whole day looking back? Consider what it will be like to look back on your wedding photos on your 10th anniversary or your 20th. Will you love that you went with something unique and fun or will you question your sanity? You don’t want to cringe at your younger self or feel like Halloween took over your wedding.

Halloween Nay-Sayers

Even though some guests will love the costumes and fun of the whole affair, there will be some Hallo-haters. Your grandmothers may think the idea is positively weird, and your aunt might grumble over where your white wedding dress is. So, think about whether their comments or judgement will bother you and whether it will be worth it to stick to your guns with the theme.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice and happy Halloween! Have you decided yet whether this holiday theme is for you? If you’re even considering a Halloween wedding, you’re probably the fun adventurous type anyway. Hopefully the cons haven’t scared you off and you can have the Halloween wedding of your dreams. If you’re still not quite sure, look at some other Hallo-weddings for inspiration. Get a feel for how your day may look and see if you’re still in for the whole shebang.

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