The Pros and Cons of DIYing Your Wedding

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Pinterest makes a do-it-yourself wedding look simple and easy. From the perfect invitations made by hand to the gourmet food that looks just like Martha Stewart made it all herself, a DIY wedding can seem a lot easier than it actually is in real life.

There are many pros and cons to taking on the task of creating a fairytale. It could end up being the wedding of your dreams, or you might want to jump out the window before the wedding bells even ring.

The Pros

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Keeping Costs Low

Not every couple has the means to throw money at vendors. However, many venues have a minimum price ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 that you must spend on renting the location and food/alcohol. Anything with the word “wedding” attached seems to triple the price as well; a normal cake becomes a $400 “wedding” cake. Even a simple white dress at the department store can skyrocket in price just by displaying it in the formalwear department. People know couples want a perfect wedding and will spend money to get it, so they cash in on that willingness.

Doing things yourself is a huge price saver. Designing and printing your own invitations can save hundreds of dollars. Buying flowers wholesale and arranging them yourself can actually save thousands! Decorations made by you and a few friends can cut costs drastically as well. Compare the prices of things already made on Etsy with the materials you would need to construct something similar on your own.

And that $400 wedding cake could be made for $25 if you enlist help. Know someone that’s always posting on Facebook pictures of amazing birthday cakes they made for their kids? Call him or her up and see if you can collaborate on a delicious wedding cake.

Giving It a Personal Touch

One of the best parts about doing things yourself is getting to put your fingerprints on every detail. The perfect personalized invitation in your mind can’t be found on any random website; centerpieces arranged by hand with special flowers and playlists filled with your favorite songs as a couple are details only you can bring to the wedding. Addressing 100 invitations in your own handwriting gives the wedding an extra touch that makes each guest feel special.

Your wedding doesn’t have to look like every other wedding photo you’ve seen to be beautiful, and it shouldn’t if you want it to truly be yours.

Crafting Fun With Family and Friends

Crafters love to get together for parties to make seasonal wreaths or holiday cookies, so the excitement of making wedding decor is like another realm of Heaven for them. Bonding together over cutting, bunting, and tying favor bags while you laugh and tell old stories creates lasting pre-wedding memories.

Have a few glasses of wine and start a production line of crafts. Work with your computer whiz friend to design the invitations, get with your grandmother to find her best recipes, and utilize your mother’s sewing skills to make the perfect garter.

The Cons

Table set for wedding party

Taking up a Lot of Your Time

DIYing isn’t expensive; it costs time instead of money. Unfortunately, many couples want things done quickly for little money. It’s almost impossible to throw a dream wedding together quickly on a small budget. Designing invitations, researching wholesale flower prices, making playlists for the reception, and searching for the perfect mason jars will take hours — there’s just no getting around that.

Crafting is fun for many brides, but it is a hassle on the to-do list for others. Keeping up with the budget and to-do list can overwhelm a bride quickly. You need to understand that details take time. If you already know that the stress of making place cards and tying twine around every single wedding favor will likely have you pulling out your hair, it may be best to bring in the pros.

Trusting Others to Bring Your Vision to Life

Doing things yourself means enlisting the help of friends and family members rather than contracted workers. You can’t exactly sue your family and friends for not keeping up their ends of the deal for your big day, so make sure that anyone who has agreed to help out understands the time commitment and effort required to pull off your fairy tale. Loved ones often ask if they can help, but they don’t always understand just how much work you really need done. There may be a significant amount of pestering involved to keep everyone on track. If a friend volunteers to make 200 cupcakes, stay on his or her radar as the date approaches. Also, make sure those you enlist for help know they will need to be at the wedding early to set up and will need to stay late to help clean up.

Trusting acquaintances to cut out decorations and supply you with dinnerware might not be the best decision. There is often a fine line between friendships and working relationships, so tread lightly when using your loved ones as a resource.


Taking on all of the details yourself can lead to stress, which in turn leads to procrastinating. It might seem easier to put things off until the last minute, but as mentioned previously, wedding details take lots of time and lots of effort. Your hand can only write so many addresses until it simply gives out! Creating the perfect centerpieces takes time to design and bring to life. Pushing your to-do list’s limits might mean some things can’t get done before the big day.

Getting in Over Your Head

Magazines and websites make cute favors and decorations seem like child’s play. In reality, those paper flowers aren’t so easy to cut evenly, and those floral centerpieces have thorns slicing through your hands as you try to arrange them in a vase. Make sure you aren’t getting in over your head when you start choosing all the details because planning a wedding should be one of the best times of your life as you get ready to marry your soulmate, not a stress fest. Plus. stress also gets in the way of your beauty sleep; the bride and groom should look like royalty on their wedding day, not like zombies!

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