9 Essential Elements of a Rustic Autumn Wedding

rustic autumn wedding couple lying under a tree in autumn

Planning a rustic autumn wedding can be exciting. The fall season is adored by many, after all. The crisp air, the changing leaves… what’s not to love? And if your big day is set for this time of the year, there’s a good chance your wedding décor will be inspired by fall’s iconic features.

That’s where this list comes in. Below are essential themes, items, and concepts for hosting a rustic autumn wedding. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the details to your liking. Feel free to pick and choose what works best for your style. Make it personal by trying out different combinations.

1. Wood

A rustic autumn wedding is not complete without wood. Natural materials are extremely important in a fall celebration. Wood is simple yet beautiful, providing a versatile canvas for the rest of your décor.

There are countless ways to incorporate wood into your wedding. Try using wooden tables with unfinished surfaces for a naturally rugged look. Wood crates and baskets can be used to hold favors or fruits. If possible, opt for a venue that has exposed wood, stone, or brick. A barn is the perfect option for a rustic autumn wedding. Obviously, this will depend on the location and available resources. If you are unable to rent out a barn, try looking for a hotel or restaurant with an outdoorsy vibe.

Don’t forget about the little things, too. A cake stand made out of a slice of wood serves as a beautiful focal piece for your big day. Twigs make inexpensive centerpieces and lightweight garlands. They can also be added to smaller items, such as napkin rings and place card holders.

2. Burlap

rustic autumn wedding burlap table place settings

Aside from lace, burlap is another must-have element of a rustic wedding. It is a woven fabric that is often used on farms. And because it is typically made of natural material, it fits in perfectly with the rustic vibe. Together, burlap and lace are the ultimate go-to fabrics for this kind of wedding.

Burlap is sturdy, making it ideal for many aspects of your décor. Rectangle pieces can be used as placemats, while smaller segments can be wrapped around jars or centerpieces. Flowers made of burlap can be used to embellish chairs, cakes, or napkin rings. You can even use a stencil and paint to create numbers or letters on burlap.

3. Brown Kraft Paper

From the invitations to the place cards, paper is a crucial component of a rustic autumn wedding bash. Emphasize the autumn vibe by using brown kraft paper. This type of paper is extremely inexpensive and can be purchased by the roll. Because it is so cheap, you will have the capacity to experiment with different uses. Its light brown color is similar to wood, making it an ideal option for an autumn-themed wedding.

4. Twine

rustic autumn wedding flowers with twine

Twine compliments burlap in the best way. This type of cord is typically available in shades of brown, tan, or beige. It can be purchased in large skeins for just a couple bucks, making it extremely budget-friendly. Use twine to secure fabric-wrapped bouquets and close party favor bags. If you’re up to the challenge, wrap bottles or jars with twine for a beautiful dimensional centerpiece. Making a garland? Twine serves as the perfect base to hang fabric, such as lace and burlap.

5. Lace

Rustic autumn wedding décor embraces details inspired by simple countryside living. Consider incorporating lace, a type of fabric that has been used for centuries. It is timeless and classic. And when it comes to a wedding, there is nothing more romantic than decorative lace.

It also happens to have so much potential. Wrap your bouquet with a strip of lace and finish it off with a bow. Tie vases or centerpieces with lace. Drape tables with large segments. Scraps of lace can be used to wrap party favors; they can also be incorporated into a garland. Don’t be afraid to leave the edges raw, as this detail will emphasize the overall look of the wedding.

6. Warm Color Palette

rustic autumn wedding bouquet

One of the most iconic aspects of autumn is the color palette. And while your wedding day can feature whatever colors you like, warm shades can accentuate the autumn atmosphere. Think red, orange, and yellow. Maroon, burnt orange, and goldenrod yellow are also beautiful choices.

7. Jewel Tones

If you’re not a fan of warm colors, you can still plan a rustic autumn wedding. The key is to choose rich, deep colors that are reminiscent of the moodier season. Ideas include eggplant purple, olive green, ruby red, fuchsia, and dark turquoise. Mix and match jewel tones with ivory or gold for an ethereal touch.

8. Wheat

rustic autumn wedding decor on table

Again, a rustic autumn wedding embraces naturally simple elements. Consider incorporating wheat into your big day for a farm-inspired touch. Adding a few wheat stems to your bouquet can totally transform the entire look. They can also be used in the groom’s boutonniere and the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Don’t forget about the centerpieces, too. Add a few to each table to tie everything together.

9. Plaid

Depending on your taste and style, plaid can be incorporated into your big day. To pull this off, choose a plaid that is a neutral or a shade of one of your colors. For example, black plaid would complement red or orange plaid. Alternatively, olive green plaid works especially well with forest green and dark purple.

The secret to successfully using plaid is to use it sparingly in the right places. Scatter it evenly throughout the wedding. Need some ideas? Start off by wrapping it around your bouquet. Have a tailor make bow ties or ties made with similar fabric. Plaid can also be incorporated into garlands, placemats, and chair décor.

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