Should You Hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

day-of wedding coordinator

Your wedding planning begins as a few lines on paper and quickly transforms into a notebook full of ideas, expectations, and lists. The fun days of dreaming about the perfect day begin to take over your life, and you might need help tying up the loose ends. For some couples, hiring a day-of wedding coordinator that swoops in to take care of the final details can make or break the wedding day.

In fact, for a lot of couples, a day-of wedding coordinator is the superhero that saves the day. The simple fact is that most wedding days don’t roll along perfectly. There is usually at least one thing that goes wrong. The best thing about hiring a day-of wedding coordinator is if he or she does the job so well that the couple never has to know about these things. It’s up to each couple to decide if they are up to the task of planning those last-minute details and getting everything into place on the big day or they want to hand off the duties to a planner.

The Job

A day-of wedding coordinator has one of the hardest jobs of all: making sure your day is perfect without the bride or groom ever having to worry or lift a hand. Day-of planners often coordinate times with vendors, keep the wedding party on a tight schedule, and pack up all your items at the end of the night.

Mind Blown

The number one reason many couples hire a day-of wedding planner is to ease their minds. Why do you need to worry if the cake is in place or if someone is going to remember to bring the marriage certificate to the venue? You need to worry about getting ready to marry the love of your life.

You might drive yourself crazy wondering if the flowers are properly displayed on each table at the reception or if your crazy cousin made it to the church in time to greet guests. (Yes, day-of wedding coordinators can even deal with the gritty details of nutty relatives and ensuring everyone is where they need to be at the right time.) They make sure groomsmen don’t forget socks and the bridesmaids all have perfect lipstick. The tiny details are covered by the day-of wedding coordinator, so you don’t even have to think about anything but saying “I do.”

A Minute at a Time

The wedding day timeline is a job in itself. In order to be sure everything flows smoothly, the timeline must be perfect. Everyone in the wedding party is given a timeline to stick to, so they know where to be at what time and when to be ready. Of course, you can create this on your own if you’re one of those type-A people that loves lists and loves to direct people. If you don’t want the burden of trying to piece together every second of the day, hand it over to the professionals.

The timeline of the day revolves around the time of the wedding. Everyone must get ready, the music equipment must be set up at the reception, the cake and flowers must be properly chilled before being set out, the favors must be set out, the programs must be in place ready for guests to pick up, and transportation must be in place ready and on time to get the wedding party to and from places. This is just a start of the list for the day. The tiny details are all worked into a step-by-step timeline of the day. It can be overwhelming, but a day fit for royalty is worth every step.

Wrangle the Wedding Party

People can be unpredictable. Whether your wedding party is just a few people or truly a “party” of 10 on each side, it can be hard to make sure everyone is in the right spot at the right time. A day-of wedding planner can take charge of the unpredictable moments that can arise from balancing different types of personalities in one place.

It’s time to get to the venue and two of the groomsmen have wandered away in search of women, the maid of honor is up next for a toast and she’s nowhere to be found, and/or it’s time for family photos and we’re missing a few cousins — it’s all out of your hands as the wedding day-of coordinator swoops in to save the day yet again. He or she is the official wrangler leaving you to enjoy the day.

The Choice

Day-of coordinators are superheroes in their own field, but they cannot plan your entire wedding. They don’t usually negotiate contracts or meet with vendors months prior to the big day to discuss details. They are all about the actual wedding day and making sure things are set for that day.

Often they will do a site visit with you to ensure you both have the same vision for the space. And sometimes a coordinator will take charge of the rehearsal and then take the leadership position running the entire wedding day.

You are usually still in charge of finding the perfect vendors, creating your wedding list, getting invitations out on time, finding your dress on time, and sticking to your budget. A wedding superhero is perfect for some couples and a distraction for other couples. The most important thing is that you enjoy your wedding day.

You’re marrying the love of your life surrounded by those that love you. Whether the cake is at the perfect temperature or the deejay is playing the wrong songs, let go and laugh. You have three options: step away from your new spouse and attack the situation, laugh and ignore it, or let the day-of planner take care of it while you dance the night away.

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