Stories from the Hive: Worst Wedding Disasters

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Did your cake never show? Did your drunk uncle kiss your new spouse in the middle of the ceremony? You’re not alone! Not all weddings are as picturesque as they seem. We asked the Weddingbee community to share some of their worst wedding horror stories, and now it’s time to show you our staff picks!

1. You Had One Job

My officiant was over an hour late. I was ready to go and not sure what the hold up was. My brother took me over to the bar and ordered four shots. He told me there was bad news and that he wasn’t telling me until I took two shots. I spewed out a few WTFs and told him to tell DH to find a replacement.

DHs cousin was ordained on the internet and was going to step in. I had a copy of the ceremony in my email, so he was going to read it right off my phone. He’s a rather colorful fellow who had showed up wearing mustard-colored dress pants, a red shirt, and a hot dog themed tie. He told me later that he planned to take the tie off.

The officiant did show up… He walked down the aisle just before me.

That wasn’t all though. We were having a unity ceremony, where you saw a log in half with a large crosscut saw. DH and I had been practicing for weeks, to make sure we had a good motion down. We went through a winded explanation and set up. Only… my dad who was in charge of the saw forgot it.

And then it poured, and everyone got soaked. Of course, if the officiant had been on time, we all would have been spared. It was such an absolute mess, but it is one of the reasons why I am so happy we opted for a videographer, because it is hysterical to watch.

The officiant later went on to lose our marriage license.

– submitted by smoocheepoo

2. The Wrong Kind of Entertainment

We had our reception held downtown. It happened to be down the street from an area where a lot of homeless people would hang out in a nearby park. Anyway, apparently two of the homeless men got into it with each other. One cut the other one’s ear off, and he ran down the street bleeding in front of all of our wedding guests.

– submitted by happy2bee

3. Don’t. Panic.

Hoo boy. Hate to say it, but mine may qualify.

First thing: I ordered my dress online; received the wrong dress, wrong color, wrong style, and wrong size even. Tried to contact the website’s customer service, but to no avail. I had NO DRESS two days before.

Second, I paid a crap ton of money on a custom cake to be picked up day-of. It looked like something my baby sister could have put together. The colors were not the way I had asked, and the fondant was a really horrible slap job.

Thirdly, my in-laws were to pick up the rental tables and chairs, only to get lost and be late. We ended up using picnic tables instead. Picnic tables.

Also, apparently venue would not allow my string lights to be hung. Their only specification originally was no nails in the wood, so I went out and bought a bunch of outdoor command hooks that would cause zero damage and leave no residue. But nope; those weren’t good enough either. We ended up just looping the lights where we could, but it was NOT the look I had been envisioning.

Finally, WAY less people ended up coming than we thought, and our rented space was much too large. It just looked empty and sad.

Okay, at this point, I may as well just start listing all the things that went wrong. The boutonnieres and corsages were forgotten in the hotel fridge, and the tablecloths that were supposed to be white/ivory were basically yellow. Our photographer for some reason thought our date was for 2018, not 2017, so literally days before, we had no photographer. One of my bridesmaids didn’t show up, my centerpieces were not put together right because we were short on time, and everything ended up running about an hour behind. It was a disaster. I have no clue how I got through the day, and if people hadn’t traveled and taken time off work for everything, I completely would have cancelled.

– submitted by Halo094

4. There’s Some Things You Can’t Unsee

So my sister’s wedding was at our parent’s farm, just like mine will be this summer. My mother was an organist for many years and the minister from my mother’s church was marrying them. During the reception, he disappeared for a while and guests were asking for him to talk and thank him for the service, so my sister went to go find him in the house. She found him alright, having sex with a high school friend of hers on our piano. A married man who presided over their vows broke his own vows not even an hour later on our freaking piano!

It completely ruined the rest of the day for her and she states that she can’t remember what her flowers looked like now, but she’ll always remember the sight of that.

To make matters worse, he had the gall to come back to the house a week or so later and ask my mother not to say anything about it so that he wouldn’t lose his job. He acted like the victim at their church and because she wanted to remain anonymous to their church goers, she had to listen to everyone bemoan whoever had accused him of doing something wrong, thinking that surely there had to be a miscommunication based on how he had spun the story. Long story short, he lost his job, was divorced by his wife, and has since left the country. (He is originally from another country and moved back after everything was settled.)

It won’t ever give my sister back her wedding day, though.

– submitted by singingbee5

5. Wave Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care

An underage groomsman at a family member’s wedding had decided to test out his car’s new sound system during the reception. He sped off with another underage guest who had been drinking, missed the curve at the end of the hill and drove 200 yards out into the middle of a lake only a block away from the reception hall. One kid kicked off her boots and swam to shore to get help, but the other couldn’t get out right away so within minutes, there were cops, fire trucks, and an ambulance at the location. Police were inside the reception hall questioning people; meanwhile, the majority of the guests (including both underage boys) had dashed leaving only the bride, groom, immediate family members, and DH and myself at the hall. The bride was furious and in tears that her reception was ruined before she could even toss the bouquet, and the groom was so drunk he was on the dance floor by himself yelling, “IDGAF what those people are doing out there. It’s my wedding and I want to dance!”

Funny thing is, this past year DH and I went fishing with another couple of friends and the guy’s fiancé hooked one of the kids boots (this was almost four years after the wedding). The fiancé cleaned up the boot and used it as a vase for flowers at her own wedding.

– submitted by Lakeside003

6. Put the Glass Down and Step Away

My photographer got wasted, started booty dancing with the groomsmen, and then passed out on the lawn outside. We had to have the venue coordinator use the photographer’s camera to take pictures of our sparkler send off. Then, when I went to go change downstairs, she was in our getting ready room screaming, “WHERE THE F*** IS YOUR MAID OF HONOR!!!” because my niece was helping me get my dress off instead of the maid of honor. Also, my niece is seven, so I’m sure she really needed to see that hot mess screaming like that. Oh, and she told everyone at the wedding she was doing it for free so it was okay. I was like, “hellll no you are not! I paid full price crazy lady.”

Also, they had cut her off, yet one of my best friends (who had recommended her) was sneaking her drinks. SO embarrassing. We had other issues, but they were easily hidden. This one was just impossible to keep a secret.

– submitted by mariah811

7. Only You Can Prevent Groom Fires

This happened at my ex-SIL and BIL’s wedding.

The groom was leaning up against a table (with his back to it), and his vest came too close to a candle and caught fire! His whole back was up in flames. Same wedding, the grandmother fell mid-reception and the medics had to come and take her away in an ambulance.

– submitted by Petals2002

8. The Show Must Go On

A. I was ill and in a lot of pain (I didn’t know it, but I had whooping cough and pleurisy), so if I coughed/laughed/etc., I winced in pain, grabbing my left boob because it hurt so much.

B. The woman I had my hair trial with called to confirm again the day before… for the exact time of my wedding. Then, she couldn’t move me more than an hour and a half before and lived 20 minutes away. I was actually okay with that, but my ENTIRE family was freaking out and scheduled me for someone in town that morning. My hair looked awful.

C. Our venue, a gorgeous old home in town, assured me it would cool off enough if they turned the air on the afternoon before and left it running all night. It was not. It was so hot that most everyone left shortly after the ceremony, apologizing but saying something about how warm they were.

D. Our photographer showed up five minutes before the ceremony and did not get any detail shots of decor, cake table, etc. Only later did I realize she also didn’t take a single posed shot of me and my husband. Not one. Our first anniversary was this weekend, and it made me so sad not to have any photos of us to post anywhere.

E. I had misplaced the cash to pay the waitstaff, so my husband left with his mom to go get cash and didn’t make it back before we had to leave (we had a separate dinner afterward), so I left my wedding with my best friend, not my husband, and sobbed the whole way home.

I’m so happy we’re married, and I love my husband so much, but I definitely do not look back fondly on our wedding.

– submitted by hope1981

9. Are You Done Yet?

1. Our wedding planner had an assistant. The assistant was in charge of handling our music. She started my entrance song too early so it finished when I was only 3/4 of the way down the aisle. The next song, for our exit, then started to play. We had gone over this during rehearsal.

2. When we had our first dance, the assistant asked us if we wanted to cut the song early because it lasted more than three minutes. We said we’d give her a thumbs up when we were ready for it to be done. She cut it off after barely a minute. DH was really upset about that.

3. Starting after the dances (so around 5:30) the assistant began to come up to me about every 15 minutes asking if we were ready to end the reception. We had been told we had the space until 8 pm. After she had asked four or five times, each time me telling her no, we wanted to stay until 8 pm, I snapped (I know that I shouldn’t have but it was so frustrating, especially since she would interrupt conversations) and told her no, and not to ask again because we weren’t leaving until 8. I found out later she was doing this because they had another wedding the next day and she didn’t want to stay late for tear-down/set-up.

4. DH’s grandmother and aunt hate his mom because his parents are divorced. When taking photos, they were angrily whispering about how dare we take photos with DH’s mom and step-father, loud enough for everyone to hear and feel uncomfortable.

5. DH’s grandmother and aunt were also angry that they were placed at different tables. We had set up a table for our parents and grandparents, his aunt was at the table right beside it. They were so offended at this and the fact the DH’s grandmother was at the same table as DH’s mom that they left before dinner could begin. The excuse was that they had to let their dogs out because they had no idea the wedding would be longer than an hour. They didn’t even want to say goodbye to DH or DH’s dad.

There were a few other minor issues, but these were the big ones. Overall, it was one of the best days of my life and I remember fondly.

– submitted by kkfirerose

10. This Girl Is on Fire

I had a great wedding, but a guest spilled red wine down the front of my dress at the cocktail hour, I managed to light my hair on fire on a candelabra right before our first dance (which left the whole room smelling of singed hair and was quite distracting during our dance), and I fell down the stairs near the dance floor during the dance (despite being totally sober). Pretty funny in retrospect though.

– submitted by anothernewbee16

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