Summer Weddings: Location, Location, Location

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Choosing a location for your wedding can be one of the most exciting—and difficult—decisions you have to make while wedding planning. Do you want it to be near where you live? Or near where you grew up? Or somewhere else altogether?

For some couples, their wedding is the perfect reason to go and explore somewhere brand new, which is one of the reasons destination weddings are so popular nowadays! It’s a chance for both the couple AND their guests to experience an exciting and new location! But if you’re planning a summer wedding, what are some good destination options? This list runs the gamut with both national and international spots that would be perfect for a summer wedding!

A Caribbean Island

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The first (and probably most obvious) option is an island in the Caribbean. There’s almost nowhere that is more romantic and more like a true paradise than one of these islands! An added bonus is that often the venues in the Caribbean have full-service planners and are basically all-inclusive—with options for personalization, of course—so by the time you arrive, you just have to relax and enjoy yourself, as much of the planning and coordinating will already be done for you! The Caribbean also has the added bonus of being the perfect vacation spot, for both your guests at the wedding, and for you and your spouse if you choose to take an extended honeymoon after the big day!


A similar, but domestic, location option would be a wedding in Hawaii. There are several islands that make up Hawaii, and different parts of those islands have diverse climates, which means there are lots of options for beautiful locations for your ceremony. The variety in location and climate, as well as the stunning landscape, will make for incredible photos, but the best part might be the friendly, relaxed attitude that is prevalent on these islands. Also, summer is dry season in Hawaii, so it’s actually a great time to get married here—it’s not crazy-hot like you might assume, which means you’ll likely have a more comfortable weather for your big day.

New England

New England lighthouse

Even more reasonable for most travelers, but perhaps just as beautiful, would be a New England wedding. The mild, beautiful New England summers can’t be beat, and since the area is actually known for its autumn weddings, your day will be more unique than many others that take place in the area. In addition, the variety of location options—the Maine coastline, Vermont mountains, or New Hampshire forests—mean you’ll likely be able to find the exact backdrop you’re looking for, and with potentially less difficulty as far as traveling for many guests.

New York City

If New England isn’t quite your scene, but you still want to make travel easier on your guests than an international location, New York City might be worth considering. The mid-summer months do tend to be quite hot here, so this might be the best fit if you’re looking for an indoor location, but the sheer numbers of options make NYC a great choice for many couples. Do you want a wedding in a library? They’ve got that! Do you want a wedding in the park? They’ve got that! Nightclub? Museum? Boat? Church? Every option, every vendor, every type of food, location, vibe—you name it, they’re all at your fingertips in New York. This fact alone makes New York City a great choice for couples who want something that is unique but completely tailored to their preferences and taste!


Irish castle

Sure, steamy climates and tropical locations are absolutely beautiful spots to get married, but what if the beach and high temperatures just aren’t your thing? If you prefer more mild summer weather, Ireland might be the perfect place for you and your sweetheart to get hitched! The gorgeous green backdrops (seriously, it is SO GREEN) will make for absolutely stunning photographs, the historical locations and famous sites are breathtaking and fascinating, and the culture of fun and hospitality make for a perfect location for anyone looking to have an unforgettable event.

These are just a few examples of some wonderful destinations to hold your summer wedding ceremony. A couple of factors to consider when planning your event might be where you’re interested in traveling, what type of summer weather your prefer, and how far away guests are willing or able to travel to your celebration. But just remember, no matter what location you choose for your summer wedding—tropical, international, or closer to home—as long as it suits you and your partner, it will be absolutely beautiful!

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