Taming the Beast: 5 Biggest Wedding Planning Stressors and How to Combat Them

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The guest list, the dress, the music, the flowers, the shoes, the list goes on. Wedding planning is one of the most stressful events in a young couple’s life; in fact, 96 percent of the 500 men and women surveyed by Zola said so, with 40 percent using words like “very” and “extremely” to emphasize their struggles. A couple’s emotional and physical well-being can even decline as a result of planning a wedding, causing problems like difficulty sleeping, headaches, and strings of fights between the future bride and groom, organizers, and family members. But this should be the best day of your life, not one you dread! Stop and take a moment to identify the biggest sources of wedding planning stress and learn what you can do to get them under control before your wedding turns sour.

1. Getting Everything Done/Forgetting Things

Even though most couples are aware of how big of an event a wedding can be, they still get blind-sided by just how much there is to do. It’s hard to keep everything straight in your head and on paper, and most couples end up expending a lot of energy over the course of their planning stages worrying whether or not everything has been properly taken care of. So, from the second that ring settles on your finger, you need to have a plan! Organization is the key to keeping you and your spouse on the same page, on the same schedule!

Modern technology can really pave the way for having a solid organizational strategy. The wedding industry has largely gone digital, leading to hundreds of tools being developed for planning. However, you may end up using a dozen different sites to cover it all, which can get hectic. Zola Weddings offers a great, comprehensive solution instead by bringing all of these tools into one place. To stay on top of your planning, build yourself a checklist based on one of their templates and then customize it with extra options—like religious and cultural traditions. Their integrated smartphone app will also help keep you on track by giving you push notifications based on your checklist and schedule and access to a live chat with an expert for any time you have questions.

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2. Budget

Money is one of the top stressors in wedding planning, so it is important to nail down a budget early and stick to it! Talk with your spouse-to-be about what kind of wedding you want and what things you definitely want to spend on. Use very general categories such as “big or small” and “indoor or outdoor” just to get an outline for the details you have to nail down later. Then, do some preliminary research on price ranges for the things you’ve decided on.

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3. Making Everything Perfect

Pinterest and Instagram have made weddings a very public affair. You know what all your friends’ and family’s weddings looked like and they will know exactly what yours looks like regardless of whether they attend. This means that the pressure is on to impress everyone you know with your nuptials! However, this is a surefire way of piling more stress on your shoulders than you need. Your wedding should not be a show. So long as your friends and family are there to share in your celebration, they’re comfortable, and you go home with your significant other as husband and wife, the event will be a success.

4. Guests

Your guests are perhaps the second most important aspect of your wedding, behind you actually getting married. They’re yours and your spouse-to-be’s loved ones! But this also means that they can be ridiculously infuriating to deal with and keep track of.

Compile your guest list early with your spouse and record it into a program like the one offered by Zola Weddings. This will allow you to keep track of who has been invited, their addresses, and who is attending. Zola’s tool in specific brings a little extra to the table, keeping track of RSVPs for you, allowing you to make notes about each guest in your list as details roll in, and allowing you a direct line of communication to everyone on your list.

Zola guest list

This list, their integrated registry section, and the fact that you can build your own wedding website with their templates from the suite’s dashboard means you can manage every aspect of your guests’ experience all in one place. It’s never going to be easy keeping track of dozens of people and their individual preferences, but an amazing tool like this one makes it a breeze and takes some of that added stress off of your shoulders.

Zola registry

Even if you have your guests organized, however, there can be a lot of drama surrounding friends, family, and their attempts to plan your wedding for you. Draw up boundaries for your parents, your in-laws, and your bridesmaids/groomsmen and set them in place from the beginning. You don’t have to control all of the wedding planning yourself, you can asked for help, but make sure everyone knows how far is too far.

5. Weather

Heavy rain

If getting everything done wasn’t stressful enough, imagine having all of your carefully made plans amount to naught as a surprise storm rolls in overnight. This is the stuff of nightmares for engaged couples staring down the big day. Problem is there’s absolutely nothing you can do to control the weather, so it is just best to lay out a plan B and warn your guests of any sudden changes as needed.

Weddings are a big affair, regardless of whether your ceremony is actually huge. Emotions run high, there’s a lot to keep track of, and there’s a lot of emphasis placed on being “perfect.” So, slow down and take care of yourself with the proper stress-management solutions, and start your planning with the Zola Weddings suite today. It’s a painless solution to your planning woes, and it’s easy and free to sign up right now. It’s high time you came to enjoy your wedding, not fight with it.

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