Thank You Gifts For Parents

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No matter where you’re from, there are likely many traditions around having a wedding. Some traditions are fun and some are sacred. Some have even grown in popularity over the years like giving thank you presents to the parents of the couple. It’s likely both sets of parents have put hard work and possibly money into the wedding planning. It’s also worth mentioning that both parents have put lots of work into molding you and your partner into the people you are today. Honoring your parents with a gift is a great way to show that you appreciate all the work they’ve done. Below is a list of all the best thank you gift ideas for your parents. Peruse away and find the idea that is the perfect way to say simply: thank you.


Thank you jewelry is wonderful thing that is never a bad idea. There are lots of necklaces on online stores such as Etsy and other sites that are exactly made for this type of gift. You can buy jewelry engraved with thank you words or jewelry that represents something meaningful and comes in beautiful packaging.

Sentimental Art

Some people take better to something handmade and thoughtful. Consider giving his or her parents a sentimental photo in an engraved frame. Most parents will love getting a photo of their child when they were younger. Wedding days make people nostalgic already so why not play on that feeling to really wow them?

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R and R

Sometimes the best gift you can give parents is a well deserved break. Help them relax after the stressful wedding planning with ways for them to relax. For example, nothing says R and R like a free massage.


Your wedding day isn’t just a big day for you. There are parents who would love to remember your wedding forever. Help them do this with a thank you wedding keepsake. One great idea is to gather some of the flowers and decor in an empty ornament for them to enjoy for years to come.

Honor Them

You want to say thank you, but aren’t sure a gift is the right way to go. Consider honoring parents during the reception with an announcement and perhaps the unveiling of a slideshow that goes through their stories and yours tie it all together. You could also have a surprise mini cake presented in their honor.


Give the gift of embroidery. You could present them with wall art that is embroidered with kind words and your wedding date. You could also gift a beautiful handkerchief that is custom embroidered.

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Garden Decor

Some parents are jewelry types, but some are purely garden types; so what do you get for them? You could always gift them something to place in the garden like stepping stones painted with the thank you words of your choosing.

Essentials for Dads

A good way to say thank you is to gift something useful. To go this route, get a nice wallet, watch, or pocket tool and have it engraved with the words that speak to both of you.

Personal Interests

Thank you gifts can be tailored to specific interests. For instance, lets say your mother and father-in law love golf. Look online for keepsake golf balls and markers that say something about how grateful you are they raised your spouse. You can do this with almost anything. Find what they love and put your thank you stamp on it.

Carry-all Bags

Carry-all totes are great for everyday use at the grocery store, the gym, and pretty much everywhere else. If you have no idea what to get parents as a thank you, consider a personalized tote bag. They’re bound to be useful and are a simple gesture that anyone can enjoy.

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Joke Gifts

A fun way to say thank you to the parents is to make them laugh with your gift. Grab any of the funny gifts that talk about surviving the wedding from online stores and you can’t lose.

Wearable Thank You

Did you know “thank you” translates really well to wearable items? There are so many ways to incorporate your thank you gift into the parent’s wedding day outfits. Special embroidered ties, tie clips, boutonnieres, and personalized socks are just a few examples.

A Whole Table

Some people love their parents so much they dedicate an entire table to the thank you. You can do this beautifully with some nicely placed framed photos, a sign that says thank you, and candle light.

Lottery Ticket Bouquet

Nothing says thank you like a chance to win the lottery. This gift idea is quite different, but you can tie it in by saying something like, “I am lucky to have you as a mother-in-law.”

Photo album of a wedding

Dated Gifts

There are some great date gift ideas out there. The way these work is you basically outline significant dates in the parent’s lives as well as your own leading up to your wedding. Find an artistic way to capture the date your parents met and married and the dates you met your spouse and married. You could do this with pennies from the year these dates happened and mount them in a frame.

Special Glasses

Make you and your spouse’s parents feel like kings and queens with fancy goblets. You can even have these glasses personalized with a nice thank you message.

It can be a tricky thing, finding the right way to say thank you. With all the work parent’s put in, sometimes these small gestures don’t feel like enough. With the right amount of thoughtfulness and the right gift, any parent will feel appreciated on the big day. So raise a glass to them, and pick something that will show them the fullness of your love and gratitude.

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